Do you like sprinting?

Do you like sprinting? I do, I like the 100 metre races, what about you? . Do you like short distance or long distance races ? Running helps keep you healthy. Try it.

2 thoughts on “Do you like sprinting?

  1. G’day Kaiden,
    I don’t like running at all. I try to walk one kilometre each day on my treadmill but I should really be walking a lot more than that now I have retired from teaching. I am no longer walking the corridors and going up and down stairs – I sit at my computer a lot of the time instead.

  2. Hi,
    Although I enjoy to sprint I would rather jog in a longer race like the 800 meters or 1500 meters. I prefere athletics carnivals as that have a variety of different races but I still like that the Cross Country is along way.
    Bye, Annabel (4LB)

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