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2013 – A New Year


Dear students, welcome back to 2013. A new year and a new beginning.

This year we will continue our participation in the eschool blogging program.

During the holidays I was lucky enough to spend sometime in Mornington and Melbourne. I had a great time travelling around and catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones.

Your first task this year is to leave a comment in this post and tell me about your holidays.

Cheers Mr. L

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Tast Of Trevallyn


On Friday the 9th of November we had our school fair.

 The first thing I did was get some lollies from my brothers stall then I went and got some Thank You Water then I got a licorice strip and it was really good, then I enjoyed some pizza from the canteen. Their were some kids from Trevallyn that were performing so I watched them all and they were great!!! I was working on my classes stall which was the Pancake Stall and we raised over $200.00 which was awesome. I went home about 8:15pm. I had a great time and I am looking forward to going next year!

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Athletics all day long


Last week Treavallyn primary school had their athletics canival, this was held on the 22nd of October, we have three houses that participate. Grades three to six participate in events.Our houses are Odin they’re  the yellow team and they always win!    _    _ Jupiter is blue and Zeus is red……YAY GO ZEUS!!!   (you can guess what house I’m in!)          ^

Anyway everyone enjoyed this event, but everyone was sore and tired after a full on day of athletics!

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Athletics Carnival


On Monday the 22nd the Trevallyn Athletics Carnival was on at St.Leonards Northern Athletics Carnival. I won the 200m  and come 4th in the 100m. Odin come first in the points and I am in Odin. We had no School work for the day so that was the other good thing aswell. The Athletics Carnival was fun and was a good day!

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Athletics Carnival.


Last week on monday the 22nd of october, our school had our upper-primary Athletics Carnival!

The infants Athletics Carnival is today and we do the 1500m sprint tomorrow. (for upper primary of course.)

I came second in the 100m in my div and third in for 200m in my div.

Of course our house (Odin), won as we always do.

So in brief, it was a pretty good day as we didn’t have to do any school work. (WIN!)

So for me, it was a good day.

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Athletics Carnival <3


On Monday we had the Athletics Carnival. I did okay, with 1st in the 800m, 1st in the relay, 2nd in shotput, 2nd in 200m, 2nd in 400m, 3rd in 100m, 3rd in discus and 4th in the long jump. Chloe and I tied in the long jump with 2.86m! I had a good day and ODIN WON!!!!:)<3;)

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The Athletics Carnival was fun and I came third in the relay.  I thought it was boring in some of the parts but overall it was alright.


                     >:D           =)

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The 2012 Athletics Carnival


Hi Everybody It’s me again.

This time I’m explaining the athletics carnival. On the 22nd of  October we had the athletics carnival. Once again Odin won, Zeus came second, and Jupiter came last. I wasn’t happy with the results, but what can I do.  I came 2nd and 3rd in my races. I liked it that they had more novelty events.

I think Odin keep winning because they have 45% of the school on their side :( , and some of them are good, if Zeus had that many we would thrash. So if any of you Odin scum are reading this I hope you can donate some of your people to Zeus.

That’s the end of my post. See you next time :D



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Le’ Sports Carnival


At Le’ Sports Day I did le’ 100 meters and came secound last. I did le’ tug-o-war and i was Le’ anker and we lost all our games with le’ tug-o-war.


Le’ day was fun I will never do it again!

Le’ Aidan

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Athletics Carnival


Last monday on the 22nd of October we had our grades 3-6 athletics carnival.  Odin came first, Zeus 2nd, and Jupiter 3rd.  I came 4th in the relay and 4th in the 100m.

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