Christchurch earthquake damage - 22 Feb 2011Welcome to our class blog!

As you all know we are discussing earthquakes in Science this term.  Try this activity about creating a script for a television show about earthquakes.  It is important to organise your facts!

Earthquake Script

After you have finished, leave a comment telling us one fact you have learned about earthquakes so far.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sharon Davis via Compfight

13 thoughts on “Earthquakes!

  1. Well, Ive noticed that were moving all the time. Its kind of weird if you think about it, just all the plates moving around the earth like massive boats just sitting there getting pushed by the water.

  2. Hi 5/6T I just read your earthquakes blog and it was very good information about earthquakes.
    From Willow.

  3. Hello 5/6T,
    I just read your earthquakes blog and it was very good information that I have just read.
    From Jorgia

  4. Hi 5/6T
    I’ve just learn’t that earthquakes that happen underwater can cause tsunamis. Could it be that the seismic waves that cause the destruction in earthquakes create the same disastrous effects with tsunamis?
    From Henry.

  5. Hi 5/6T,
    I found out that if a severe earthquake happens
    under water it can make a tsunami and flood towns.

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