339e buckeye on susansSummer is finally here!  In a few sentences, tell us why you enjoy this season.


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23 thoughts on “SUMMER!

  1. Hi 6 T
    I love summer because its hot and sunny and because cricket is a summer sport and it is so fun, you can go to the pool and the beach.

  2. Hi 6T
    Summer means going to the beach and the pool because its so hot. Its so hot because it’s summer, the hotest part of the year.

  3. Hey 6T,
    I think that summer is the best season because the weather gets warmer and then you can go in the pool a lot more. 😉

  4. Hi 6T
    I LOVE Summer it is the best season ever!!
    and because it comes when its almost Christmas!
    You can goto the beach, Sunbake and heaps more
    From Ebony :)

  5. Hi 6T
    i love summer because most of the time its nice and hot and the glenorchy pool is always open so thats why i like summer
    BY paige :)

  6. i enjoy summer because you get to play with water and it’s nice and warm and you get to do stuff with your family and friends.

  7. Hi 6T,
    I love summer because I love going to the beach and swimming pools and any thing water realated because it is warm enough to because if I went swimming in winter I would get a cold easily.
    From Emma :-)

  8. Hi 6T,
    I love summer because it can be really nice and warm to swim. Also, it’s much more fun to go to the park and play.
    From Abigail :)

  9. Hi 6T,
    I love summer because the weather is always nice where I live and it means that Cricket season has come around and there will be no time for inside.

  10. Hi 6T,
    I love summer because its so hot and relaxing! Also in the summer season, the water gets a lot warmer so swimming is an extra thing you can put on you’re activities list.

    From Ella. :)

  11. Hi 6T,
    i like summer because at home if it is hot we have water fights but if it is way to hot out side we will stay inside and watch movies.
    From Samantha :)

  12. Hi 6T,
    I love Summer because it’s nice and hot. It’s also a great time to catch up with friends and go to the pool or beach. I’m very lucky becuase I live 200 metres away from a beach!
    From Phoenix 😀

  13. Hi 6T,

    I like summer the most out of the 4 seasons because its relly warm and you can do lots more stuff like go to the pool or the beach or go on a holiday to the Gold Coast.
    But in the other seasons (Autumn, Winter and Spring) its mostly cold and there isnt much to do there.

  14. Hi 6T
    I love summer because it gets warmer so i can spend more time outside and at the beach.
    I like it because I get to where all my awesome summer clothes. Except the bad part of summer for me is that my skin is prone to sunburns.
    from Hannah

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