Toorittya Trail

I am so sad that I missed our school celebration on Friday!  Tell me your favourite part about the day and something you learned from the many activities and displays.

16 thoughts on “Toorittya Trail

  1. Hi 6T
    All of the displays were verry good. But my favourite room was Mrs, Devereux Because of the big board were we put our hands on :)

    The thing i learnt is that the bird comes from Tasmania!
    The food was nice too! :)

    From Ebony

  2. G’day Mrs T,
    I have no idea what the Toorittya Trail is all about. Could your students write a post explaining the trail? Maybe some photos of the displays and activities.

    • hi,
      the Toorittya trail is about a bird named the Toorittya bird and we went all around the class and they had displays and activities about this bird i would show you some photos but i dont have any photos.

      From Samantha :)

  3. Hi 6T,
    Toorittya Day was a day of learning and I learnt lots, but the most interesting thing I learnt was that every activity and display had lots of stories and cultures and each activity and display had a different way of showing and expressing those stories and cultures.
    from Emma :-)

  4. Hi 6T,
    My favourite part of the day was probably drama. We played some cool games with John and his friend/working partner. I also liked 3/4 Hills video on the Toorittya trail and Wattle Bird.

  5. I 6T
    My favourite part of the day was probably when we done the drama in the morning that was so much fun, we played a cool game with John and his friend I think it was called billy bob and John made it very hard if he pointed to someone and said billy billy bob and you had to say bob before he did also when he said bob you can’t say bob and therte was also an elephyant and an aeroplane and that was my favourite part of the day.

  6. Hello 6T,
    Well the best thing I liked best was the ice-cream and the kangaroo patties, they were really nice. I thought that it would of had a funny taste to them but it didnt and the other thing was drama it was really funny it was a awesome day.
    From Kiara :)

  7. Hello 6T,
    Torittya day was a very fun day. My favourite part was definatly having some of the Wattle Sead ice cream. It was yummy!

    I learnt how the Torittya bird also got the two yellow things at the side of their head. That was very interesting.

    From Ella :)

  8. Hi 6T
    The game bibblybibblybop was fun but also the other games in the drama. I had alot of fun there and seeing the classes art and animal fur and kangaroo in bread.

  9. Hi 6T,
    my favourite part of the was when we went to mrs devereux’s class room because we got to make masks and got to paint our hand and put our hands on a borard.

    From Samantha

  10. Hi 6T,
    my favourite part of the day would probably be Drama because we played the 11 game twice but i didnt win and we played the same game but to 21, then i won that! then we played a game called bibbly bibbly bop, I think. and that was fun.

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