High School Orientation

For those of you who have already been to your new high school for the day, tell us all about it!

10 thoughts on “High School Orientation

  1. Hi 6T
    I have aready been to my Orientation
    There is one teacher who is really nasty but other wise it is a really big and cool school i cant wait to go there next year

  2. Hi 6T
    i am going to Montrose Bay High School in 2014, i have only seen a little bit of the school on opening night. The propper orientation is on the 4th of december.

  3. Hi T6
    I’m going to Montrose Bay next year can’t wait. Some of my friends are going. The orientation day is on the 4th of December.

  4. Hi 6T
    I am counting down until i got to my Orientation day! 17 days! ahh!

    just a quick question did you guys find it scary then you adjusted??!

    From Ebony! :)

  5. Hi 6T
    Last friday I found out that I’m in 7D and my teacher is called Mr Richardson. We went for a tour around the school, We saw the lockers and met lots of new people.
    From Abigail :)

  6. Hi 6T,
    My New Town high orientation has already been and it was really good. Me, Brady and Jacob G are in 7D1 which is Decheneux and Baxter and Russel are in 7J2 which is Jarvis and our grade 7 supervisors are Mr Newbold and Ms A which I forgot her name but she is really short. On the day we had History-Geography, Maths with Mr Pratap and HPE with Mr lovall.

  7. Hi 6T,
    I went to Ogilvie for the day. First we had to go to the hall. Then we had to wait for a little bit.Then we got told what class we were in. My name got called out after all the Rosetta people went. I was in a guys class. He was named Mr. Seily.He told us not to tell him he was tall or tell him he was bald because he knew that already. Then we had recess. Then we went back to class. We had the grade 7’s with us. We went on a tour around the school. Hannah who went to Rosetta last year showed me around. Then we went back to class. we went to the hall for singing practace.Then we went and had lunch. After lunch we had science. I think it was the best day ever.

    From Zoe.

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