Animals in War

MillieWatch the following two stories from BTN about the use of animals in war.  Tell us in a few sentences if you believe that we should involve animals in our wars.  Remember to tell us why you believe this.

War Animals


Animals in War

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20 thoughts on “Animals in War

  1. Hi 6T,
    I believe that on some of the things we should. Things like sending letters to people but if the army are in a fight then no because they can get hurt.

    -April N

  2. Hi 6T,
    I belive in both sides because i think it’s bad to involve some animals and I also belive it is ok to involve some animals so the people don’t get killed easily.

    from zoe

  3. Hi 6T,
    I believe that animals should be in wars because they’re saving as many lives as the soilders. But also i think that they shouldn’t be in wars because many of them don;t survive but then again so do the soilders… :(
    From April :)

  4. Hi 6T
    I believe that animals are really helpful for all things like the army. I learned that a cat survived 100 days without food and water by being captive by china, Then it saved the soliders by finding ever single rat that was on there ship and eating them .So thats how Simon the cat got a medal.

  5. Hi 6T,

    I believe that animals should be involved in wars because they can be very helpful, dogs have a strong sense of smell to find something that is not good and they’re very protective.

  6. Hi 6T
    I believe that we should not send animals to war because they should spend the time with thier families and not smelling out bombs and stuff.
    I also believe that they are good for messages and other stuff like that because people in the war have mates and not all of them are people.
    from Emma :)

  7. Hi 6T,
    I think that animals should be used in war because from what I watched I think that it shows that animals are very useful and they can do lots of things that soldiers wouldn’t be able to do.

  8. Hi 6T,
    I think that animals should be used in wars because not only are they skilled in the war they are also companions and they are brave courageus and strong with a will to go on and from watching the stories I have learnt that animals can do stuff humans cant like with the pideons they can take messages without being seen somethimes, also dogs can sniff out bombs and the enimies and that is why i think animals should be used in war.

  9. Hi 6T,
    I didnt know that animals were in the war but the weird thing is that cats were in it but why cats and dogs they had pigeons to send messages but cats and dogs played a big role to help the soliders that is what ive learnt by watching the clip
    From Kiara :)

  10. Hi 6T,
    I found out that animals (cats, birds, dogs, camels and horses) had played a big role in world wars. Some of them got Medals for there efforts and bravery. The first animal to get an award was the pigeon.

    From Ella :)

  11. Hi 6T
    Animals can do alot more than just help in war send messages and sniff out bombs i bet they all can do alot more than that.

  12. Hi 6T,
    I think animals should go to war because they help the soldiers out a lot. Because they can save lives like the dogs can sniff out bombs and the enemy. Some animals are there as a comfort so the soldiers are still caring and loving even though they’re at war.
    From Phoenix :)

  13. Hi 6T,
    I think it isn’t right to use such a mass of animals in war. But then, they are brave, but that’s because they don’t know what they’re facing! They’re being loyal to us and here we are making them go to war! I know that the animals deserve it but… some soldiers died without a medal but here are animals getting Victoria Crosses. I think it’s a little unfair how soldiers can’t get a medal as easilly as animals.
    From Xiao Pei : ..(

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