Book Week

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Think about your favourite book and write a few sentences telling us why you think it deserves an award.  

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7 thoughts on “Book Week

  1. Hi Mrs.Tyson

    My favourite book is Little Miss Woops because I am always hurting myself and in the book Little Miss Woops, she is always hurting herself or breaking something so i find that funny. My brother Zeke and my mum choose that book.

    From Zoe.

  2. Hi 6T
    the book I like The best Is Probably goldie locks and the three bears It Is so good for littler kids like preps kinders and kids like that and the reason why I like It the best Is because It Is a funny and cool book and thats why this book deserves a award

  3. Hi 6T,
    My favourite book is Billy Macks War! I think that his book deserves an award because it is very interesting and when it was time to finish reading the book i was like, but this is the best part! My favourite part about the book is the ending because it left me thinking…
    From April :)

  4. Hi 6T,
    I think 1001 Freaky Facts deserves an award because it teaches you lots of different things and it’s also fun. It has some really good drawings and they’re also funny. I’ve read it so many times! It’s also suitable for most ages!

    From Phoenix 😉

  5. hi 6t

    I love the my sister the vampire series because it is very well written and it is awesome. i like the series so much that i dressed up as ivy vega off the series and she is the vampire twin and she has a human sister called olivia abbot.

    from Hannah

  6. Hi 6T,
    I really like the ‘Enchanted Woods’ by Enid Blyton, (sorry if it isn’t the right title, but I can’t remember the right title, it’s something about a magice tree,) It’s a mystery book and there are so many characters to imagine!
    From Xiao Pei :)

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