The Birth of the Calf.

In our novel Captain Mack asks Billy to shoot the cow in the storm and Billy refuses.  

milk ?Was it fair of Captain Mack to ask him to do this?    

 Do you think Billy made the right decision? 

 If you were Billy, what would you have done? 

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22 thoughts on “The Birth of the Calf.

  1. Hi 6T!
    I think it was fair because the cow was about to die anyway, otherwise it would’ve died in agony. But if the cow was fine, no it wouldn’t of been fair to kill the cow. But, I don’t think I would of been able to make up my mind in Billy’s situation.
    Xiao Pei

  2. I think it was the right choice to kill the cow because its better than killing it in pain and think of it this way, it’s better how Mack did it.

      • Hi Mrs.T,

        I think that it wasn’t right for Captain Mack to ask Billy to do it because if it was me I wouldn’t want to kill something.

  3. Hi 6T,
    I believe that it wasn’t fair for Captain Mack to ask Billy to kill the cow because he his only a boy and that wasn’t fair to train a boy for war when he was so young.
    from Emma :-)

  4. Hello
    I think that Captain Mack had the right to ask him to prepare him for war if he has to go. But he is only a little kid so he doesnt have to do it.

  5. Hello
    It was mean of Captain Mack to be so mean to Billy like he was. If Billy said no he didn’t want kill the cow that means no.

  6. Hello 6t
    I think killing the cow was the right idea because it was suffering and it was a stormy day and thats why he shouldve done it. But Captain Mack shouldn’t of told him to.

  7. Hello 6T,

    I think it was fair that Captain Mack asked his son to kill the cow because the cow was dying and he was trying to make Billy to be prepare to do war if he has to go.

    From Abigail :-)

  8. Hi 6T,
    I dont think that it was fair for captain mack to ask him this and treat him like one of his men. I think that billy did the right decision of not shooting the cow and dropping the gun. If i was billy I wouldnt of shot the cow because it is a hard thing to do and it is cruel to ask a 12 year old to kill someone.

  9. to 6T

    I think that it is not fair for Captain Mack asked him to do that because nobody should have to kill something if they didnt want to. I think Billy did the right thing to not shoot the cow. I would have just walked away because I would’nt have wanted to see anything like that.

    from Hannah

  10. Hi 6T,
    I think it was the right thing to do to kill the cow, but not for Captain Mack to ask his son to do it! But then again, Captain Mack wasn’t ready to kill soldiers when he went to war, so I guess he’s just making Billy ready for reality…
    Xiao Pei

  11. Hi Mrs T,
    Captain Mack should of waited until Billy was around about 16 or 17 years old before he was going to prepare him for war.
    from Emma :-)

  12. Hi 6T,
    No it was not because Billy is just a young boy and it could haunt him for the rest of his life even though the cow needed to be killed. Yes because it would feel terrible to shoot something. I would refuse to kill a cow.
    From Phoenix :)

  13. Hi 6T i dont think it was fair to ask captain mack to do this because what if captain mack took it the rong way By Paige Taylor:):):)

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