How to … crop and resize

When you buy a new camera, the size setting is generally large. This means you can take a photo using 1000’s of pixels and the image could print out well as a large poster to put on your bedroom wall.

Do you need images this large for your blog?

No, you only need images no bigger than a postcard size.  If you own a camera, then change the size to standard or small.

Let’s now practice cropping and resizing your image.

Step 1. Go to start button, open computer then pictures under libraries and finally the sample folder. Should be a big picture of a mountain in the desert in USA somewhere.

Step 2. Hover  over the image and ask these questions from a previous post

  • type – JPEG?
  • dimensions – under 500×500?
  • size – in KBs?

If the answer is no to dimensions or size then we need to crop and/or resize.


Step 1. Right click on image and open with Microsoft Image Picture Manager.

Step 2. Top left> picture> crop

Step 3. Now you see the dark black handles allowing you to drag your picture in to where you want it cropped.

Step 4. Now to resize the image if needed. Over on the right hand side you can see original size and new size. Is the new size less than 500×500?

  • Yes, then file>save as> give it a new name and check it is still JPEG.
  • No, click OK and now follow resizing steps below.


Step 1.  Top left> picture> resize

Step 2. Change to predefined web small then click OK. File >Save as> give it a name

Step 3. Now it is time to write your post then jump to step 4 with these instructions.


How to … add a photo you took

These instructions are for adding a photo you have taken yourself (or your teacher or parents have taken) and is saved on your computer. You need parental permission if the photo actually includes you or some of your family members.

Step 1. Write  your post completely – check spelling and punctuation especially the word I which should always be a capital letter.

Step 2. Add your categories and tags then save the draft of your post.

Now let’s check out the image you want to use – you need to make sure the image is not too large, otherwise it will take up too much memory on your post.

  • Is the image a JPEG image?
  • Are the dimensions smaller than 500x 500?
  • Is the size in kB rather than MB?

Would I be able to use this image? Tell me in a comment and explain why.

Step 3. Hover over your image – is it the right type, dimension and size? If yes, go on to step 4. If no, you will need to resize the image.

Adding image to your post

Step 4. Go to your post and click at the beginning of the line where you want your image to be placed.

Step 5. Click on the Add Media icon above your post icons.

Step 6. A new window opens and you can either drag and drop your image into the area or find and select your image on the computer then click open.

Step 7. A progress bar shows you how far your photo has loaded.

Step 8. Now all you need to do is:

  • Add a title for the image – caption too if you want!
  • choose how you want the image aligned (None, Left, Center or Right)
  • select size of image you want to insert (Thumbnail, Medium, Large or Full Size)
  • and then click Insert into Post

You should now have a great post with an image you, your parents or teacher have taken.