How to … add a blog avatar

So you have created your user avatar which now shows whenever you leave a comment on someone’s blog. But you want to show your avatar on your blog.

How do you do this?

Answer: Add a blog avatar.

Step 1. Dashboard> appearance> widgets> drag across blog avatar box

Step 2. Dashboard> settings> blog avatar > browse to find the avatar saved on your computer> alternative upload if it is the correct size.


If your avatar doesn’t appear straight away, you might have to clear your cache. Here is a post about how to do that depending upon what browser you are using.

If your avatar appears as a black box, then the avatar has to be resized to fit the box. Here is a post explaining how to do this.

Activity 7 – Avatars

All students taking part in this course should already have created an avatar when you became part of your class blog. But here is a chance for you to create one of your own choosing rather than the type set by your teacher.

I have included below some avatar creation sites suitable for students in primary school. Just click on the image and it will take you to the website.




doppelme avatar 

Step 1. Create your avatar

Step 2. Using printscreen or snipping tool to save your avatar – make sure it is saved as a JPEG file

So you decided to create an avatar like “Hero Factory” or “Build your wildself” or “Mini Mizer” where you can’t download it easily. You need to take a picture of the screen first. Most computers have a printscreen button on the keyboard or if using Windows 7 you have an icon called “snipping tool”.

When you press printscreen an image of your screen is now copied to your clipboard. If using snipping tool, try to get only the part of the avatar you want to use. You will still need to crop and resize to get an avatar that fits well on your blog.

Here is a video showing how to find and use the snipping tool. When saving, make sure it is JPEG.

Go to your drive where you saved your avatar, right click on the icon for your avatar image and choose “Open with” choose Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

In the icons at the top, go to View> task pane.  On the right go to edit pictures > crop.  Now move the black bars on the side of your image in, to crop your picture to what you want in your avatar.

Click OK, then back to edit pictures. Now click on resize. In the box “custom width and height” put  97 in both boxes. These numbers might be slightly different but one has to be 97 and the other smaller than 97. Click OK.

Back up to file>save as> call it sueava2 or similar> make sure it is still JPEG. Make sure you have saved it to your drive again.

Step 3. Upload avatar to your  blog

Now to upload to your blog.  Go to your dashboard> users>your avatar> browse to find your image wherever you saved it>alternate upload.  This is your comment avatar.

If you want your avatar to appear on your sidebar like mine does – Dashboard>appearance>widget> blog avatar drag to your sidebar.  To upload the avatar, dashboard>settings>blog avatar> browse to find your image>alternate upload. Go to your blog page and refresh. Your blog avatar should appear on your blog now.

If it  looks like a black coloured square then you haven’t cropped the image to the correct size in step 2 . Or maybe you didn’t save the image as a JPEG in step 2 .

 Having fun with avatars

Why not create an avatar for each member of your family? Save each avatar then you will be able to write a post including each avatar when you tell your readers about your family members and their interests.

Want to create an avatar using Publisher? Read Mrs Smith’s post about how her class did this activity. PS Make sure you read  Mrs Smith’s comment linked here before using Publisher to create avatars.