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G’day, my name is Miss Wyatt but in the world of blogging I am either Miss W. or tasteach. Anywhere on the internet, where you see that avatar on the front of this blog, you will know it is me – I have the same comment avatar in all blogs that I run.

I have been blogging with students and teachers since 2008. Below is a list of my blogs – some are no longer being used as I have retired after 35 years of teaching in Tasmanian schools and don’t have my own class any more.

  • Technology in our classroom is where I was learning about blogging along with my grade 6/7 class – no longer in use but does contain some great posts with links to different web tools to try.
  • Kids in the Mid is a blog created when I taught computers to students in our middle school.  Again no longer in use but does have good posts to learn from.
  • An image a day is a blog where I tried to post a new image I had taken every day of the year. I didn’t succeed but maybe we could start a similar blog as a group.
  • Retirement, relax and travel is my own personal blog where I would ask questions of other teachers around the world about blogging and web tools. This blog has had many changes of name depending on its use.

Two fun blogs I began when travelling – one with a Tasmanian Devil soft toy who wrote the blog from his point of view and then when I returned from America in 2011, a squirrel came back with me and started travelling New Zealand and Australia. He also wrote his own blog of his travels.

I also organize a student blogging challenge twice a year in March and September – running for ten weeks. I have also helped run a teacher  challenge using blogs and web tools.

Since the beginning of 2012, I have been in charge of the blogs set up through the eschoolblogs domain name. Your class probably has a blog here and this is where your personal blog will be as well. In 2015, there will be a new blog domain at xpress360 and any new blogs will be created there.

So I have pretty good credentials for organizing a blogging course for students. But it is going to be different running it online rather than seeing you in person each week which is what I am used to.

A bit about my life

I enjoy travelling and have visited over 40 states of America and many countries in Europe and Asia. I love visiting my chat room friends and blogging classes whenever I travel.

I am also a keen genealogist, love history, researching my family tree and helping others find sources for their trees.

2 comments to About the teacher

  1. Jane Shrader says:

    I have just “found” you in my internet wanderings. I am totally new at this – I’m one of those folks who is now in a 1:1 world with my middle schoolers.
    Technically, I teach 8th grade (13-14 yr olds) English/Language Arts in a semi-rural community in Greenville, NC, USA. Practically, I am trying to expand their horizons – both geographically and intellectually.

    I truly want my kids’ experiences in my classroom to go beyond our 4 walls, to have texts connect with their brains and for reading and writing to be a shared piece of their worlds.

    I’m bookmarking you and will use your links and resources to continue my journey.

    • Miss W. says:

      G’day Jane,
      As well as writing this blog for my online student class, I am also the founder of the Student Blogging Challenge which is run twice a year for a ten week period. The next set of challenges will start in September 2014 but feel free to visit the blog and use the other challenges throughout the year. http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org There is also a teacher challenge website where we give help to teachers who are starting to blog with their students. http://teacherchallenge.edublogs.org

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