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I have just been checking what work has been done while I am away. I noticed Angus is keeping up and only has to add some links to his blogroll. Some of you have added comments and widgets as well. Keep working on that checklist. Leave a comment on one of my posts if you have a question about what to do.

But here are some other ideas for posts:

What is your favourite colour and why? Write a poem about it maybe. Add an image of that colour.

Our world in danger – I notice this week UNESCO is meeting in Doha to make a decision about the Great Barrier Reef. Research this and write a post about the result.

Your relatives are coming to Tasmania for a two week holiday. Plan where they are going to visit and how long they will be in certain places. Remember to add a hyperlink to some places like Port Arthur. Here is a post about how to add hyperlinks.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?

Who is your favourite musician, singer, band etc? Write a post about them but remember to write in your own words. Don’t copy and paste from another website. Add one video to your post – find this in youtube. Here is a post explaining how to add a video to your post.

3 comments to Ideas for other posts

  1. Jacob says:

    My favourite singer is: Ed Sheeran

    My favourite band is: 5 Seconds of Summer


    Well Ed Sheeran is my favourite singer because he sings absolutely amazing songs, and he can play the guitar extremely well! 5 Seconds of Summer are my favourite band because i’m usually not a rock/punk/pop band fan,but when I heard them on the radio I started to look at their Youtube videos and I gotta admit they were great! So since then i’ve been obsessed with their music,. and the types of music they sing.

  2. Jacob says:

    I DO want to keep blogging, I don’t know about the others, I will ask them at school because the are all in my class this year. I’ll inbox you when I find out

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