Welcome to our first course for 2014

G’day Kailee, Logan, Angus, Jake, Shakiya, Kirstyn, Ebony, Jack, Mathew, Tom and Cody,

Our first lesson is to find out how the online classroom works.

It is like being in a classroom normally, where you are expected to put up your hand when you have a question or else you can write it in the chat area. In the online classroom, I will often put a timer on so you know how much time you have to complete a certain task.

Here are the icons used in the online classroom.

  1. Online iconsIn this first row, clicking on the drop down arrow at the smiley face gives you more icons including clapping hands. The second icon on this row is clicked if you have to leave the room for some reason, the third icon is putting up your hand if you have a question and want to use the microphone, the fourth icon is if I take a poll in class.
  2. When you are allowed to talk, you need to have your hand up then press the talk button. When you have finished talking press the talk button to turn it off and then turn off the hand as well by clicking it again.
  3. This third row shows what you are allowed to do in the class – microphone, video, chat area, write on whiteboard, share your computer screen, take a web tour. These last two you probably won’t use at all.

Whiteboard iconsThese are the icons when using the whiteboard.

Play on the whiteboard for five minutes to find out what you can do with each icon. Which icon allows:

  • clipart to use on screen – add a cup of coffee or globe or smiley face
  • writing on the screen – write your name in a colour not black and size 18
  • draw a thick line in a different colour
  • take a picture of something on your computer desktop
  • use a star or pointer on the screen

There are 12 activities to be completed by end of Easter which begins 18th April.

Check the work finished page each week to see what else you need to complete. Posts showing you what to do can be found in the Getting Started page in the header.

  1. Be able to login quickly to your own blog and class blog if you have one.
  2. Update your profile including change your password and the display name.
  3. Settings – blog title, tagline, timezone, add teacher as administrator
  4. Plugin – activate compfight plugin and change settings for short side
  5. About me page for your visitors to read – remember no personal information
  6. Left two comments on the main student bloggers blog
  7. Changed your theme
  8. Written at least two posts
  9. Edublogs widgets organized on your sidebar
  10. Make at least 3 comments on other student blogs from this online class
  11. Added your clustrmap, a clock and a pet widget
  12. Create and upload your avatar

Good luck with your blogging and remember the online classroom will be open every Monday from 1.30 until 4.30 so you can also use it at home if you have any questions. You can also email me any time any day of the week.

Leave a comment on this post describing your first experience in the online classroom.

2 comments to Welcome to our first course for 2014

  1. Angus says:

    I have really enjoyed blogging for the first time this year and i have learned many new things. Our teacher is very good because when we get lost or confused she helps us.

  2. Kirstyn says:

    hi Sue,
    I struggeled a little at the start but now im getting used to blogging. The video really helped me.

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