Using comics in your blog

There are many different comic creation websites on the internet, but we are going to use one that has no registration. This means it doesn’t save your comic. You will need to use the snipping tool to save each frame into a folder on your computer drive.

The website we are using is called Make Belief Comics. First you need some playtime to find out what you can do at this website.

1. Choose how many frames for your comic. You can also choose a background colour but I think all the scenes are just black and white drawings so you could end up with everything blue or green. Test this out during the lesson before actually creating your comic.

2. Check out the background scenes and objects you can use. Use the arrows to move through all your choices. Think about what you can be adding to your scenes in your comic.


3. Look at the different characters available. What types of expressions do they have? What do they look like? How are they dressed? What gestures (hand movements) do they have? Scroll along the line to view your choices.

4. Make sure you look at the other tools available like moving in the scene, making bigger and smaller (scale), bringing item to front or back, flipping, dialogue boxes and prompts for each frame.


OK playtime is over, now to the serious stuff.

What is your comic going to be about?

  • retelling a story – something that happened at home or school – don’t use real names though
  • showing your understanding of something – digital etiquette, lifecycles, a book you have read
  • having a character telling the news

Here is a list of 21 ways to use a comic if you can’t think of one of your own.

Bill Zimmerman, the creator of Make Beliefs Comix, also has lots of ideas if you check out the links at the bottom of his home page.

Time now to get started

  1. Create a quick storyboard showing roughly what your comic is going to look like.
  2. Choose number of frames.
  3. Create 1st frame remembering to use the extra tools and speech bubbles.
  4. Continue creating the other frames.
  5. When finished, click on print/email.
  6. At this screen, use your snipping tool, to crop and save each frame as a separate image and save in your folder at school or home. Rename each image as com1, com2, com3 or something similar.
  7. Write your post in your blog, including tags and categories.
  8. Click on add media icon next to the compfight icon.
  9. From computer, find your images and upload them. Hold down control if you want to load more than one at a time.
  10. If you have loaded all of them at once, they will form a gallery of images.
  11. Make sure they are in ascending or descending order and click on one gallery column so images will appear underneath each other in your blog. Finally click on insert gallery.
  12. Now it is time to save draft again and then hit publish.

3 comments to Using comics in your blog

  1. Mackenzie says:

    You cant save the image

    • Miss W. says:

      Hi Mackenzie,
      Remember to use the snipping tool and save each frame as a separate jpeg. The place to save might be a message at the bottom of your screen if you are using internet explorer. Use save as and give it a new name then you will know where you have saved it.

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