6 comments to Activities 1-3 The basics

  1. Madison says:

    The hardest part of the first online classroom would have been hearing what you said because we were all next to each other it echoed. If a student started blogging and they never had done it I think it would be hard to work out how to comment because I found that hard when I started. In this cource I would like to learn how to do new posts. I am really looking forward to doing that.

    • Annabel says:

      Hey Maddie,
      I also found it hard to hear Miss W speak because it was echoing. It was also strange because we could hear the people in our class talking in real life but it took a while for it to come through the computer.
      Bye for now,

  2. Annabel says:

    The hardest thing to do would be starting the online classroom and using the whiteboard tools. I definitely think it would be hard if you have never been on a blog because you would have no idea what the perpous of a blog would be and you also wouldn’t know how to set up a lot of other things. I want to learn how to change backrounds and use really interesting posts.
    Bye for now,

  3. Caitlin says:

    Hi,miss w
    the hardest part was to write a post! Yes i think it would be harder for the students who havent done it yet because they would know what to do!I theink i will learn how to do blogs and how to teach people to do a blog.

    bye, Caitlin

  4. Mackenzie says:

    The hardest part about week one of this course was the tools because i didnt really no how to do it all but then Miss W helped me and i could do it then. I think i t would be harder for people who have not done it before because they would have know experiance ata all so they wouldnt know what to do. I want to learn about the backrounds.

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Hi .2 was probablythe hardest. Yes because they would have never seen it before. A lot, like making posts. bye Gabby

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