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3 SeasonsAre you ready to start your blogging journey?

This blog is a 10 week course for students learning to blog. You may have done some work with other teachers, but this is all about setting up your own blog, step by step.

There are three ways to use this blog.

  1. Go to the archives, choose the earliest month and work your way through each post.
  2. Check the “Getting Started” page in the header. The ten weeks will be linked there in order of completion.
  3. Go to the recent posts widget on the sidebar and find each week’s post.

To have your own personal blog, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure your teacher or parent sends me an email saying they are willing to be an administrator of your blog as well as yourself.
  • Fill in the form in the header – Get my own blog
  • I will create the blog once I get the email from teacher/parent. My email address is a widget on the sidebar.


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