Blogging challenge has started

Deciding Which Door to Choose 2
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For the rest of the year, all your activities will relate to the student blogging challenge.

Some questions to answer first:

  1. Have you registered yet? Check out the student participants here. Go to your age group and see if your name and blog URL are included. If yes, go to next question.
  2. Have you added the challenge badge to your blog? If no, follow these instructions on this post
  3. Have you had a comment yet from your mentor? Find the mentor’s name at the top of your student group (they will be same colour as you) If yes, make sure you reply to their comment.

Activities to go on with

The challenge is all about you trying different things, reading instructions, helping each other and improving your blogging experience.

Week 1 is about introducing yourself.

  • Make sure you check out some of the student About Me pages mentioned in this post. If you want to add to your About Me page, ask me to change it back to draft so you can improve it.
  • It was also about creating avatars. Most of you have added your user avatar, but you can also add a blog avatar. It can be the same avatar and to upload it, go to your dashboard> settings> blog avatar.
  • Also have a look at activities 5, 7 and 9  You might be interested in trying one of these.

Week 2 is about commenting

  • If you haven’t seen Mrs Yollis’ video about commenting, then spend some time now watching it. It is at the bottom of the commenting post.
  • Visit Mrs Yollis’ post about commenting. She also shows some interesting HTML code you could be using in your comments.
  • You might want to have a go at one of the activities about commenting. They all sound great and one includes how to add to your blogroll and another is adding a widget like a flag counter.

Week 3 is about town and country

  • lots of activities relating to our country Australia
  • where would you prefer to live – town or city – why?
  • Number 13 challenge is about haunted houses or ghost stories

Week 4 is about your digital footprint and Blog Action Day (inequality)

  • Visit Mr Bogush’s website to read the activities
  • write post about inequality
  • number 13 is add 13 new links to blogroll ready for a game in a couple of weeks time

Week 5 is about using images and videos

  • lots of choices relating to images in your blog
  • have a go at some of them
  • remember to use compfight and give the attribution

Week 6 is about re-designing your blog

  • Choose a celebration like Halloween, Christmas, ANZAC Day etc
  • Change things on your blog to reflect this celebration
  • Remember some widgets will be made inactive if you change themes especially if changing number of sidebars

Week 7 is about schooling

  • Perhaps you could create a poll to put in your blog – here is post I wrote explaining how – step 4 change from visual editor to text editor
  • Lots of choices so make sure you check out the post

Week 8 is visiting blogs and nominating

  • Visit lots of other blogs, add them to your blogroll
  • Play the count out three game
  • Nominate a great blog for the Edublog Awards

Week 9 is about showing off what you have learnt about blogging

  • Write a post related to a global issue you would like to help solve
  • Your post will be added to a flipboard magazine if you have covered the criteria needed

Each week I will add on to this post about the activities you might want to have a go at from the challenge blog.

Remember to ask for help by leaving a comment here

PS If leaving a comment try to use some HTML code as shown in Mrs Yollis’ post.

Catch up time

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I noticed on the weekend, there were lots of odds and ends students needed to finish on the work finished page. Look in header to find this.

So today will be a time for catching up.

I will give links to posts that give you instructions to complete certain things. As you get a couple of things completed, leave me a quality comment on this post. If some things are already marked off on the chart, no need to mention them in your comment. Just the new things you have completed. Here is an example:

Hi Miss W or Sue,

I have signed up for the blogging challenge. Looks like it might be lots of fun. I have also finished my comic about students rights.

Order to complete things:

  1. Register for student blogging challenge here
  2. Add student blogging badge to your widget sidebar
  3. Make sure your profile includes a link to your blog in the area labelled website – Also nickname and display name should be same as first name. Save or update.
  4. On your settings> general , make sure your time zone is correct; look for Hobart under Australia in the drop down menu. Save or update.
  5. Make sure you have the compfight plugin activated and settings correct.
  6. In your widgets, drag the class blogs across and in drop down menu, change number from 10 to 30. Save.
  7. Finish your comic post about student’s rights.
  8. Visit three other students in the blogging challenge and leave quality comments on their blogs. Now write a post telling me who you visited and what you left as a comment. Why did you leave a comment on that particular post?

Finished all these?

Write a post of your own choice about something you are really interested in. Assume your readers know nothing about your topic, explain things well and add an image using the compfight button on your post icons.

Children’s rights

Smile of the Adversity
Photo Credit: Dhilung Kirat via Compfight

Miss W has been following a twitter chat all about children’s rights. She found this photostory which you need to watch. Think about which rights you have at home and/or at school. Then think about those children in Syria, Gaza or Afghanistan. What rights do they have? Is there anything you can do to help them?

Your task this week is to create a three frame comic strip about children’s rights. Here is the link to a post I have written about making comic strips. Spend today’s lesson playing with the website and creating your three frames. Use the snipping tool or printscreen button to save each frame as you finish it. Save to your drive at school remembering to give each frame a different name eg johncom1 and johncom2 and johncom3.

Next week we will crop, resize your comic frames and add to a post about children’s rights. So make sure you have those three frames saved ready for next week’s lesson.

All about me

Calf cuteness attack
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marji Beach via Compfight


My name is Mrs Cole and I am helping the students at my local primary school every Monday until the end of the year.  Sometimes I will be helping in this classroom and will post a blog when I can.

I live on a farm that has 114 acres.  We have cows that we keep until they are two years old as well as sharing some of our land with the dairy farmer who is our neighbour.  He milks the cows and the milk goes to Cadburys.

What do you think Cadburys would make with the milk?


Welcome back to our online blogging class

How well did your school and family cope with that terrible weather last week?

Write a post about it.


  • What you saw …
  • What you heard …
  • How you felt …
  • What you were worried about …
  • What you did …

The Great Western Teir, Nikon D800
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Luke Zeme via Compfight

Click in front of the first word in your post.

Now using the compfight plugin, (camera next to add media button above post icons) find an image you can use – just use the keyword Tasmania

Does it have to be a picture of the real stormy weather? No, just something representing bad weather in Tasmania.

Click on the S under the picture you have chosen.

When you are returned to your post area, just click return or enter key.

Your writing should now be on a new line and your image should still have that small writing underneath it. This is the attribution for the image and you need this for any image you put in your blog.


Ideas for other posts

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: null via Compfight

I have just been checking what work has been done while I am away. I noticed Angus is keeping up and only has to add some links to his blogroll. Some of you have added comments and widgets as well. Keep working on that checklist. Leave a comment on one of my posts if you have a question about what to do.

But here are some other ideas for posts:

What is your favourite colour and why? Write a poem about it maybe. Add an image of that colour.

Our world in danger – I notice this week UNESCO is meeting in Doha to make a decision about the Great Barrier Reef. Research this and write a post about the result.

Your relatives are coming to Tasmania for a two week holiday. Plan where they are going to visit and how long they will be in certain places. Remember to add a hyperlink to some places like Port Arthur. Here is a post about how to add hyperlinks.

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?

Who is your favourite musician, singer, band etc? Write a post about them but remember to write in your own words. Don’t copy and paste from another website. Add one video to your post – find this in youtube. Here is a post explaining how to add a video to your post.

I wish, I wish ….

Happy Saint Paddy's Day
Photo Credit: Faith Goble via Compfight

As Miss W or Sue is travelling overseas at the moment, each week she will write a post for you to complete during your normal online classroom time.

Week 1 post

What is a country you would love to visit?

Write a post about this country. Include 3 places you would visit in this country and why.  Write three questions you would like answered about this country.

Find an image using the compfight plugin to add to your post.

What is compfight plugin? Check out this post to make sure you have activated it on your blog. If you have, you should see these icons on your post dashboard.

compfight icon

If you want to follow my journey, I will be adding to my travelling blog most days with Mr Davo Devil who I take away with me on my journeys.

You will also notice I have added two other clocks to the blog – one for Ireland time and one for the place where I will be in America.


Widgets and HTML code

In this week’s lesson, you each added a clock widget to your sidebar. Here are the steps you followed, in case you need to change the clock:

  1. Open student blogger’s blog and right click open in a new tab on Miss W’s clock in the sidebar.
  2. This takes you to this website. In the top header, hover over free fun and click on  make a clock for your site.
  3. Make any changes you need to the clock and keep clicking on Continue.  You can see what the changes are as you make them by looking at the clock on the right.
  4. When you have finished creating your clock, you need to copy the embed code. This is also called HTML code.

Now come back to your blog dashboard> appearance> widgets to embed the code in a text box which you have dragged across to your sidebar area.

Put in a title for the widget them paste the embed code and save.

There are many different widgets you can add to your sidebar. They all work the same way – create the widget on their website, copy the embed or HTML code then come back to your dashboard and add the code in a text box under widgets. If you can’t find the embed code easily look for these words or icons:

embed code      HTML     publish     share    application,xml,code,html

Try now to create one of these widgets:

Here is a video about how to create a Voki, start at about 1.00 minute.

Visit other student blogs to see what widgets they might have like a flag counter, bookshelf, brainpop riddle, wonderopolis question.

Can you find any other great widgets to add to your blog sidebar?

Write a post about widgets.

Adding widgets

This week’s lesson is all about adding widgets. Some are very easy to do, others are a bit more difficult. I will be writing separate posts for how to add certain widgets like a cyber pet, a clock and the weather widgets.

There are hundreds of widgets you can add to the sidebar of your blog. But you need to think about the design of your blog as well.

  • some widgets are noisy- music, games, pets
  • some take up a lot of space – games, shelfari
  • some distract your readers – noisy games

There are some widgets I would like to see on your blog and these are provided by Edublogs so are easy to add to your sidebar.

How to add Edublogs widgets

  1. Go to blog dashboard> appearance> widgets
  2. Open your sidebars
  3. Now just drag and drop into the dotted boxes
  4. Move widgets around, just drag and drop within the sidebars

Widgets to add: class blogs, links, recent comments (10), recent posts (10), categories  If you can already see it in the sidebar, don’t add a second time.