A New Year

browns river for blog

Welcome to a new year.  I hope that you will enjoy using our blog.  During the holidays I went for a flight in a seaplane over the Derwent River. 

My husband and I also went to the West Coast, we went on the ABT railway from Queenstown to Dubbil Barril railway station.  We went for a cruise on the Gordon River and visited Sarah Island.

I would like you to answer some questions for me in your comment. 

Where do you think the photo at the top is?

Do you know where the Gordon River is and who were the first people who lived on Sarah Island after the Tasmanian Aboriginals? 

One thought on “A New Year

  1. G’day Mrs H and class,

    What a great photo taken from the seaplane. Without giving away the place, is that a golf course I can see on the middle left of the photo?

    Miss W.

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