Adding widgets

Widgets are found in the sidebars of your blog. Some widgets are already included in the eSchool campus blogs. Depending upon the theme you have chosen, you will need to decide in which sidebar you will have certain widgets.

We suggest the following eSchool widgets be included:

  • Blog avatar
  • Pages (if not in your header)
  • Recent comments (10 to be shown)
  • Recent posts (10 to be shown)
  • Links
  • Categories or tag cloud set to categories
  • Archives
  • Clustrmap with email being your class gmail account
  • Meta

Go to your class blog dashboard> appearance> widgets. Click on widget and drag across to the sidebar you want it in. Make sure you have each sidebar open as some widgets have already been included on some themes.

But while visiting other blogs, you might have seen lots of other widgets. All of these will go in text widgets.

You will need to get HTML code from each widget’s home site and add that code to the text widget on your sidebar. Use a new text widget for each one you add. Here is a post describing some favourite widgets, with a link to the site, to add to a class blog.

If asked for an email address when getting widgets, use your class Gmail account. We suggest you then keep all the emails about your blog in one folder of your Gmail account.

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