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Who is your favourite super hero?

on November 16, 2012

Have you ever thought how awesome but scary it would be to be a Super hero? Who is your favouite Super Hero? Please answer :-)

17 Responses to “Who is your favourite super hero?”

  1. Max says:

    My Fav Super hero is Thor

    He is really cool and he can strike lightning!

    From Max.M

  2. wisey says:

    my favorite super hero is thor because of his hammer

    seya later wisey

  3. Toby says:

    My favorute super hero is B-rad off big brother because he is an lot conbied together.

  4. Jay Arnold says:

    hey my faviout superhero is batman because he has all these cool gadget he has the world craziest villans like he Jocker and the pengwen

    From your powl Jay

  5. Mitchell says:

    My most favortie Super hero is Captain Underpants (from the books).
    I like him because he defeats his enemy with the power of starch.

    From Mitchell

  6. charlottewlp12 says:

    My absolute favourite super hero is THE Spyro! you may of heard of him, but if you haven’t, he is an awesome adventureous purple dragon and at the start Cynder is the bad guy(girl actually!). She is dark purple and her belly is pink but soon she is a good guy/girl!

    P.S I LOVE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from Ella!

  7. ANGUS! says:

    My most favourite superhero is Bob the Builder!
    The way he fixes problems and is everyones friend is LEGENDARY!

  8. Morgan says:

    Hey Stewart,
    My favourite superhero is Captain Underpants (just like Mitchell ☺).

  9. Millie says:

    My favourite super hero would have to be the black widow
    from the avengers. Even though she doesn’t have any super powers
    persay she is still really cool.

    From Millie

  10. Jacob D says:

    Hi Stewart,

    My favourite Super hero is Iron Man. I like him because of his armour and the weapons he uses.

    Thanks Jacob D

  11. Avril says:

    Dear Stewart.

    I dont know what my favourite super hero is but I want to know what YOUR favourtie super hero is?

  12. Charlie says:

    My favourite super hero is iron man because of all the wonder full gagets.
    From your mate Charlie

  13. Alastair says:

    Hello Stewert,

    My favourite super hero is probably the hulk because he is strong!


  14. Emily says:

    I dont really have a favourite super hero but i kind of like wonderwoman.:]

  15. Jacques says:

    I have a few favourite super heros but my overall favourite would have to be Iron Man because I like it how he is so smart and his sense of humour but my favourite reason is his armour.

    Regards Jacque

  16. elliewlp12 says:

    My Favourite super hero is Captain Under Pants because I read the books and he sounds sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is really cool!!! Bye, Dani!!

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