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Favourite game?

on November 9, 2012

What is your favourite game? it might be a sports game, a computer game or a board game. Tell us its name, the main idea of the game, the rules and why you like it.


8 Responses to “Favourite game?”

  1. lleytonwlp12 says:

    I’ve actually got 2 favourite games. They are Minecraft & amp; Grand Turismo psp., Grand Turismo is about cars & amps; Minecraft is about life as square & amp; survival.

  2. charlottewlp12 says:

    My fave game is Subway Surfers.

  3. jacobwlp12 says:

    My fave game is Minecraft pocket edition.

  4. patrickwlp12 says:

    Hi Reb, I have a lot of favourite games but my favourite game is soccer.

  5. hollywlp12 says:

    Hi Reb,

    I like scrabble because it’s teaching me new spelling words.I play it at my Nanny and poppy’s house! It is so fun!!!!!!!!

  6. charlottewlp12 says:

    I love games!-And I particularly like the following:
    Minecraft,dino-run,pictionary,twister and a game that I made up called monkey. It’s where you have to run and hide while the person that is in goes and counts to 45. Then when or if they find you, you have to run up something with both of you feet off the ground and then the person that’s in has to count to 10 and then run and hide and it all starts over again. But if your too slow or simply trapped and they catch you then your the catcher next time!

    From Ella

  7. ryanwlp12 says:

    My favourite game would have to be tennis.

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