Book Review: Monkey Mountain

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I read a book called Monkey Mountain and the author is Justin D’ath.
The story is about a person called Sam Fox. He is in year 8 and his teacher Mr Griffin is the oldest teacher in the whole school. Sam is afraid of heights and he used to have a crush on a girl called Tiffany. The problem is that Tiffany loses her bag and Sam wants to find it because he wants Tiffany to like him more then anyone else.

This is a fantasy ( because monkeys fight the people) and an adventure (because they travel and a volcano is threatening to erupt). This story stayed with me because of Sam’s bravery.

I would recommend this book for people in year 5 or 6. It didn’t really have a message it was just fun reading.

  Reviewer: Laurence B

What is something you are afraid of: snakes, heights, spiders? What type of phobia is it called? Do you have agyrophobia?

One thought on “Book Review: Monkey Mountain

  1. Dear Laurence:

    I am often anxious about and terrified of unexpected noise and movement.

    At the moment I do not know if my phobia has a specific name. The fear of noise can be known as “ligryophobia” and the movement fear is “kinesiophobia”.

    No, I do not have agryophobia, even though I do not like to climb stairs or ladders.

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