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World Read Aloud Day 2013

Is your class or school going to take part in this annual event?

It is being held on March 6.

Visit this website and register for the activities.

They will send out an activity pack, you can add a badge in your blog and you can join thousands of students and classes reading on this day. Make sure you check out the links on their sidebar to find out more information.

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End of year reading

It is getting to the end of the Australian school year. People in the southern hemisphere are thinking of the beach, barbecues, salads and seafood, while people in the northern hemisphere are more likely to be thinking of snow, warm log fires, eggnog, roast meat and vegetables, Christmas pudding.

Once all the food and festivities are over, what do you enjoy doing?

Is there a favourite movie or book you enjoy watching or reading at this time of year?


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Book Week 2012

ABCLRC-Witches+of+Harry+Potter+by+J.+K.+RowlingDid your school do anything special for book week in 2012? Mr Price’s class created dioramas, trioramas and posters.

The theme was “Champions Read.

Here is a link to the winners of the 2012 Book of the Year awards.

  • Have you read any of these books already?
  • Which did you enjoy most and why?
  • What would make these books winners?

Who is Nan Chauncy? Have you read any of her books? Here is a link to the winner of the Nan Chauncy award.

Leave a comment about book week at your school or the winners of book week awards.

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Adventure stories

A month ago I asked you to vote for your favourite type of book. Well, out of 77 votes, 66 votes were for adventure stories.

Back when I was at school, there was a great series of books I loved reading. The author was Willard Price and he wrote about ten books having adventures in different parts of the world. The main characters were Hal and Roger Hunt.

So this week I wonder if you can leave a comment telling me about your favourite adventure book.


Death of an author – Maurice Sendak

I was checking Twitter this morning and found out that Maurice Sendak, author of ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ had died at the age of 83. Please enjoy the YouTube version of his book.


Poll on favourite books

Please vote for the type of book you prefer reading.



Who or what is spoonerism you might ask?

William Spooner born in London in 1844 kept making mistakes when he spoke to other people. Sometimes he changed the first letters of words around.

Your parents might tell you to “Go and shake a tower”. This is a Spoonerism for “Go and take a shower”

Paul Jennings, as well as writing children’s novels, has also written some great picture books. One of them is called “Spooner or later“.

Which Paul Jennings book do you enjoy the most?

Can you think of five great examples of spoonerisms and leave them in a comment?

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Book Review: The Boy Who Would Live Forever

I read a story about a boy who would live forever, called The Boy Who Would Live Forever, by Moya Simons.

It all started when the boy forgot his family and where he lived. While he was trying to find out where he lived, a couple on a farm took care of him they named him Daniel, told him he was about 12 years old and sent him to school. Time went by and his friends grew up and started working. But Daniel didn’t grow up and people made fun of him. Daniel didn’t know why he was not ageing.

I loved it because it was a mystery and it made me try to imagine what it would be like to live for centuries. I have re-read this book three times because I love it and can’t stop thinking about the whole story. It is one of the Aussie Chomps series.

Reviewer: San San C

Which book in the Aussie Chomps series have you enjoyed reading and why?

Book Review: Who stole the Mona Lisa?

Yet another great comment with its own post.

The name of the book I read is Who Stole The Mona Lisa? It is one of the Geronimo Stilton series and it is an adventure book.

The main characters are Geronimo Stilton, Benjamin Stilton,Trap Stilton,Thea Stilton, Pirate Cats and Leonardo De Vinci. It is about three Pirate Cats who are going back in time to steal the Mona Lisa, but Geronimo and his friends do not want to let that happen because it could change the future.

I recommend this book to children from 9 to 12 years of age.

I think this book is interesting because it tells you about a very famous artist, inventor and a famous painting; you learn a bit of history while enjoying an exciting adventure!

Reviewer: Diana N.

Have you read any other Geronimo Stilton books? Which did you enjoy reading the most and why?

Book Review: Monkey Mountain

Another great comment that deserves its own post.

I read a book called Monkey Mountain and the author is Justin D’ath.
The story is about a person called Sam Fox. He is in year 8 and his teacher Mr Griffin is the oldest teacher in the whole school. Sam is afraid of heights and he used to have a crush on a girl called Tiffany. The problem is that Tiffany loses her bag and Sam wants to find it because he wants Tiffany to like him more then anyone else.

This is a fantasy ( because monkeys fight the people) and an adventure (because they travel and a volcano is threatening to erupt). This story stayed with me because of Sam’s bravery.

I would recommend this book for people in year 5 or 6. It didn’t really have a message it was just fun reading.

  Reviewer: Laurence B

What is something you are afraid of: snakes, heights, spiders? What type of phobia is it called? Do you have agyrophobia?