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School holidays have just began

on October 14, 2013


well…. Where do I start

holidays have just begun for me .

On the 5th of October my mum, Maycie , her mum and I went to sydney for 3 days.

If you really want to know why well you better get a pillow and a Blanket and get in a comfortable spot because your about to read something that your really going to be jealous about

For starters it all began with a one direction Coles competition and well of course I entered  ….. About 18 times.

Anyway I really didn’t think I would possibly have a chance in winning. But well I DID.

I’m going to one direction.

Saturday 5th October I was off and away.

I mean I never thought my dream would come true but it did.

Lucky me!!!!!!

It was a matinee concert. (Afternoon Concert)

It was the day I couldn’t even sleep. We had to get a train there. It was so busy because the concert was at Allphones arena and at that same time same place over  the road  was the NRL  Grand final. Busy busy.

There was over 120 thousand people

We  got into our seats and 321 “you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip my hair gets me overwhelmed”

The concert  went for about 2 hours…

When  the concert finished I have to admit I was very sad. :(

But the concert was amazing…..


Monday 7th October.

Our last day in sydney :(

We woke up in the morning… Early

ran down to the 7 news place and waved at the window on sunrise. It was really cool.

At 10:00 they all came out and got pics and autographs.

After that they  went on with the show, but outside and I was standing next to Samantha.

Then they started talking about the one direction concert and they said”all one direction fans over here”

Then mark beretta  held the microphone infront of me and he started to interview me.

That was awesome I was on sunrise on the t.v ..cool

from bear :). <3

comment if you wish you went to one direction

and if you know me and seen me on sunrise let me know by leaving a comment

Thank you  for reading my post






3 Responses to “School holidays have just began”

  1. Pet lover says:

    Hey Bear I went to no where else. And yes it is a real place in Kent, it is actually a nice place.I can’t beleive you got to be interviewed by Mark Berretta.

    And how could you not put capitols for ONE DIRECTION.Anyway I’m not going to go on cause I do get angry.

  2. Dreamergirl says:

    That must have been an amazing experience!
    I think I had about 15 entries. But no matter how many times I tried, I didn’t have any luck!
    You are such a lucky ducky!

    From Dreamergirl :)

  3. trigree3em says:

    Congratulations to you Bear I would love to go to 1D so jealous.

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