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My chilaxed holiday!

on August 5, 2013


I know most of you are probably doing heaps of exciting things this school holidays, but me, no way I am just looking forward to chilaxing.

I will be sleeping basically everyday till at less 10:30.

And I will be having heaps of sleep overs at my cousins house because I just love going to their house , they are always doing so many exciting fun things.

The one thing that I am defintanly not doing is… not playing with my brother because he always wants me to go outside and play with the football, but seriosly I am so not into football!!!!!!

So I guess I could call my school holidays a pretty chill axed holiday!,,,

Tell me what your doing in your school holidays by leaving me a comment. Thanks for reading my post.

Well I will see you my next post

Happy Holidays everyone

From bear :)

One Response to “My chilaxed holiday!”

  1. Miss W. says:

    G’day Bear,
    Sleeping in sounds great during the holidays. Now that I have retired, I tend to go to bed late (after midnight) and get up by 9am, unless I have to visit a school to help teachers and students with their blogging.

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