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Happenings at Miandetta Primary

School holidays have just began


well…. Where do I start

holidays have just begun for me .

On the 5th of October my mum, Maycie , her mum and I went to sydney for 3 days.

If you really want to know why well you better get a pillow and a Blanket and get in a comfortable spot because your about to read something that your really going to be jealous about

For starters it all began with a one direction Coles competition and well of course I entered  ….. About 18 times.

Anyway I really didn’t think I would possibly have a chance in winning. But well I DID.

I’m going to one direction.

Saturday 5th October I was off and away.

I mean I never thought my dream would come true but it did.

Lucky me!!!!!!

It was a matinee concert. (Afternoon Concert)

It was the day I couldn’t even sleep. We had to get a train there. It was so busy because the concert was at Allphones arena and at that same time same place over  the road  was the NRL  Grand final. Busy busy.

There was over 120 thousand people

We  got into our seats and 321 “you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip my hair gets me overwhelmed”

The concert  went for about 2 hours…

When  the concert finished I have to admit I was very sad. :(

But the concert was amazing…..


Monday 7th October.

Our last day in sydney :(

We woke up in the morning… Early

ran down to the 7 news place and waved at the window on sunrise. It was really cool.

At 10:00 they all came out and got pics and autographs.

After that they  went on with the show, but outside and I was standing next to Samantha.

Then they started talking about the one direction concert and they said”all one direction fans over here”

Then mark beretta  held the microphone infront of me and he started to interview me.

That was awesome I was on sunrise on the t.v ..cool

from bear :). <3

comment if you wish you went to one direction

and if you know me and seen me on sunrise let me know by leaving a comment

Thank you  for reading my post







Miandetta’s got talent

Hi everyone,

I  am doing this post today because today we had a concert called “Miandetta’s got talent”

Miandetta’s got talent is people that got through from the auditions who then got into the grand final.

It was such an amazing show, everyone who performed are definitely very… well all I could say very very talented.

There were people singing, doing acts, dancing and their were solos and groups.

From todays  acts now I know that Miandetta definitely has talent.

Good job everyone.

It was a super  talented day!!!!    :)

From Bear :)

Wow ….

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Student Blogging Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just finished registering our school blog for the Student Blogging Challenge for 2013.  Ms W. has organised it with  some others with the aim of connecting us with school bloggers from other parts of the world.  I checked out some of the other registered classes and I am so excited. There are loads of registered classes from lots of other countries!

There are challenges set for us to complete each week for 10 weeks. I think it will be a great chance to connect with other bloggers and also a wonderful learning experience.  Check out the Student Blogging Challenge site below then leave a comment on this post to tell me what you think about the challenge.


Ms A :)






My chilaxed holiday!


I know most of you are probably doing heaps of exciting things this school holidays, but me, no way I am just looking forward to chilaxing.

I will be sleeping basically everyday till at less 10:30.

And I will be having heaps of sleep overs at my cousins house because I just love going to their house , they are always doing so many exciting fun things.

The one thing that I am defintanly not doing is… not playing with my brother because he always wants me to go outside and play with the football, but seriosly I am so not into football!!!!!!

So I guess I could call my school holidays a pretty chill axed holiday!,,,

Tell me what your doing in your school holidays by leaving me a comment. Thanks for reading my post.

Well I will see you my next post

Happy Holidays everyone

From bear :)

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Holidays Here I Come!

Hi It’s  Pet Lover.

I am soooo looking forward to the holidays because I am going to be at my  nan’s house.

I am going to have so much fun because I am going to a friends birthday party/sleepover. We are going to put our hair up and have fun with her dogs.

I am also going to play Soccer and do Taekwondo….. which are super fun sports.

I have had a super fun time writing a book at home which is called: The bog party. Which is about a frog who doesn’t like party’s but one day a flea helps him get his groove back.

                                                                                                                        By Pet Lover:)  


My Holiday in Melbourne

In the 2nd term holidays I will be going to Melbourne to see the amazing P!NK, yay!

I have been to the Funhouse tour in 2009 and that was just amazing, so I can’t wait to go to the Truth About Love tour this year.

I haven’t gone yet, so I can’t tell you what happens, but I just know I’m going to have a blast!

Have you ever been to a concert before or do you love P!NK as much as I do?

See you guys later,


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Spinning in space

Hi Everyone,

During this term  in class we have being doing heaps of science learning about planets, day and  night, the sun and the moon.

The topic is called ‘Spinning in space’ (learning about space)                                                                                                                                      

We learnt about how small and big they are compared to other things up in space. We learnt that the sun isn’t the biggest thing up in space there is a star called Canis Marjoris that is the largest star up in space, it can fit over one thousand moons inside it.

Then in groups of four we made a big sun,imaging how big we think the sun actually is, and to us the sun is really really big.

After we learnt about everything we had to make a poster about what we have learnt and all ready know about space.

Learning about space has made us all go crazy!! From Bear  :)


, NASA. globeaus.jpg. . Pics4Learning. 17 Jun 2013 <http://pics.tech4learning.com>



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Jazz in Music


The last couple of weeks in music we have been working on jazz. We had to make up our own rap and make a group of four people.

With our group we had to figure out who was going to be the rapper, the improviser and the two left over people were the ones who did the jazz chords.

Once we had our roles we had to practise all of our parts seperately and put it together to make a jazzy piece of music!

In my group I was the rapper, it was really fun performing in front of the class, but our music teacher was videoing everything we were doing. How embarassing!

As the week went on it got much better. The two 5-6 classes got to watch a movie which had lots of jazz music in it. No, it wasn’t a documentary, it was Disney’s Princess and the Frog! We watched the first 45 minutes of the movie last week and we will finish watching the last of it this week.

I hope that there isn’t a test on this. Yikes!

See you guys next time,


Nikki. img_2868.jpg. June 2010. Pics4Learning. 17 Jun 2013 http://pics.tech4learning.com

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Maths is cool!


Hi this is Pet Lover again.

I’ve been so interested in maths since the start of this month.

I’m working on my times like 45×7 or 98×2= 196 which is really fun.

My teacher is really nice and I like how when I get mixed up and muddled she helps me out and all the others that are too relaxed to do maths right!

I have got really good at multiplication and division…… which is really easy and fun.

I am happy that all my answers for multiplication were right and I got my name up on the smiley face…… twice!

I have also done written algorithm.

From Pet Lover:)

(P.S, I hope you are into maths because I love it!)


Dorman, L. math-gofigure.jpg. June 27, 2010. Pics4Learning. 17 Jun 2013 <http://pics.tech4learning.com>

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Phyisical education

Hi in physical education you’re up and moving around.

It’s called being active and it’s fun.  Exersize is good for your health and at this school we have things like daily pe  and pe they are fun.

Do you enjoy pe?


Thoma. basketball.jpg. Sept 24, 2012. Pics4Learning. 1 Jul 2013 <http://pics.tech4learning.com>








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