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I have been visiting other people’s blogs from the best student blogs in 2012. I have found some very interesting things.

The first one that I visited was a blog named Amy M’s Creative mind. The post was called New Drawings! It is a lovely post about all her peices of art that she did. She has put about 21 pictures all different of her own, creative artwork. You can visit her blog by clicking this: I like it lots hope you do to.

I also visited a nice blog called Come and Somersault With Sarah. It has got real information in it and the information is really interesting aswell. It is called, Auditioning for the Junior Orchester. If you would like to visit it yourself click in this link: You will find yourself amazed.

The last one I visited for the day was A magnificent blog called Around the world. Her post is about a trip to canberra. It sounds very exciting. I have family in Camberra but have never been there. It tellls you all about a fun activity in Camberra called Questacon. If you want to find out more, click on this link:


Did you visit any blogs that you found interesting?


One thought on “Interesting blog posts

  1. Great choice of blogs to visit, Madison. I actually nominated Amy’s blog to go in the awards.

    When you add a link in a post it looks very untidy when you just copy and paste it directly into your post.

    I’ll write a post this week explaining how to add links in your posts so they look a lot tidier.

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