Smiggle Snake Puzzle

A smiggle snake puzzle is a puzzle that you can make over 200 different shapes with!

You can make things such as…….

  • Balls
  • dogs
  • cats
  • phones
  • snakes
  • frame
  • shapes

You can also make up your own things.

Most people agree that ball is the hardest thing to make. I can do it really well but if you can’t I have put a You tube video on so that you can learn. Once you have gone through it once or twice you will get the hang of it.

Did that video help you?

Do you know how to make anything else?


4 thoughts on “Smiggle Snake Puzzle

  1. Hello Maddie,
    I have been reading your recent posts and they are just getting better and better!
    I definitely agree with you the ball is hardest! The video helped me heaps and I am nearly able to do it.
    I can make the
    ~Three different types of rectangles
    Annabel 😉

  2. Hi, Maddie
    I love your blog it inspires me lots. That video helped me 100%. Now I can make the ball!
    I can make a 2 ear dog and a dog. I think the frames and the snake are the easiest.

    Keep blogging, Caitlin

  3. Hi Maddie!
    Your blog is always really inspiring. It is great that you have posted a video on the snake puzzle ball- it is really hard but thnks to you I think I’ve mastered it!!! I can also make:

    The dog
    The cat
    The frame
    The rectangle
    The flower
    The triangle
    And a really cool twisty pattern.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  4. Hi.
    I have been wondering.
    How would you make a ball?
    is there any steps Not videos?
    Id you do..
    please Tell me

    I Love this web

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