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Coins can have various different images on them. There can also be different shapes. I have a collection of coins from different countries. I have five coins from America and one from japan. I also have some from other countries but I can’t remember. From America I have One Dime (that is worth 10 cents.) I also have a 5 cent coin and a 1 cent coin.

As well as that collection I also have a 50 cent coin collection. I have a book for them as well. I have 2 round coins. 1 is a normal size and the other one is a bit smaller. They don’t have a place in my book but I still have them. I only have 1 coin left in my collection to get.

My Nanny also gave me three lucky coins. To me they aren’t lucky but I still like them.

Do you collect coins?

Military Honour {Explored}
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October 26, 2013 @ 6:26 pm   Reply

Hi Maddie,
Yes, I do collect coins and have some strange looking ones!
The unusual ones I have are shaped as a circle but with wavey edges. I think that one is cool! I also have a double coloured coin which is gold and silver. That one looks awesome.
Annabel :)



November 2, 2013 @ 8:17 am   Reply

Hi, Maddie
I collect coins. Some countrys have strange ones. The reason I collect coins is because I save up money. I have lots of 5c and $2 and 5$. I have lots of money.In new york city they have very strange looking shaped coins.
Did you know that in america they call 10c a dime.

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