I have been interested in instruments since I was 3 years old.

When I was 3 my Mum took me to a concert and I chose an instrument to play. I then chose the bagpipes. Mum said I wasn’t allowed to play them so I then chose the violin.

I played the violin on and off for about 6 years. Then it got to a point where I had to choose to either do dancing or the violin. I chose dancing.

Now I play the clarinet in a program called Esk Band at school. I have been playing it since the begining of last year (2012). I really enjoy playing the clarinet.

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3 thoughts on “Instruments

  1. Hello Maddie,
    I like your recent post about your experience with instruments. I was interested to find out you chose the bagpipes out of all the instrument! It was a good idea of your mum to say NO to them…..
    I have been playing the piano for quite a while, but only started private lessons 3 years ago.
    Keep playing your clarinet.

  2. Hey Maddie,
    As you know I have heard you play the clarinet and you are amazingly good. I think you have to be a very smart and intelligent person to play it and you are a very very smart and intelligent person so you + clarinet= AMAZING!
    I think you should keep doing this as you get older who knows you could be the BEST dancer in the world and be the BEST clarinet person in the world you would be very famous. But only do that if you want to.
    I think the clarinet is a great instrument for you because you are wonderful at it!
    I really hope you keep doing it and enjoying it!
    I also wish you good luck for all your dancing comps in the next couple years or much more!
    Bye and see you at school,

  3. Hi maddie
    I have heard you like the claranet. I have heard you play and you sound as good as birds sweetley tweeting. You should keep playing it when your older. You will be famous one day. I can play the key board but Im not very good at it.
    Thanks, Caitlin

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