G’day all bloggers!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve been rather busy. In fact, I still am now but I managed to find some time.

I have decided to do a challenge for all of you. If you think you know the answer, comment it below. Get your brains working because here is the challenge:

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

Blogging Evaluation

Today I am going to do a post for you about blogging Evaluation.

I have done one page and 14 posts including this one. 7 of them were school based and 7 were my own. I have had 51 comments. I changed my theme twice. I  have created some of my own widgets and copied some from websites. I have got 1,315 visitors at the moment (but I probably have more now.) My most popular post would be my dancing one. I would give my blogging a 9/10.

what would you rate my blog out of 10?


Since Christmas has just been and gone,  I decided to do a post on it. Most people believe in Santa Claus but the people who don’t, don’t get gifts which makes them not believe in him. You either believe in him or not.


Most people say Santa Claus lives in a cold place called The North Pole but he really lives in a place called lapland. Also, most people say he only has nine reindeer named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cubid, Donnor, Blitzen and Ruldoph. He really has as many reindeer as stars in the sky.

Do you believe in Santa and why?



Frosty Footpath - winter snow
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Lapland (North Pole)

~ List Inspector ~
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Make sure you are on santa’s goodlist. He is watching you.



I would really like to know who is your favourite singer. I have learned how to create a poll so instead of you sending me a comment telling me your favourite singer I made a pol.

A poll is something where you can view and vote on. It is used for many different topics. to vote on my poll you can just simply either press the button vote or view. It depends on what you want to do.

So her is my poll:


Who is your favourite singer? free polls 

Have you ever been too a concert of any of these singers?

Interesting blog posts

I have been visiting other people’s blogs from the best student blogs in 2012. I have found some very interesting things.

The first one that I visited was a blog named Amy M’s Creative mind. The post was called New Drawings! It is a lovely post about all her peices of art that she did. She has put about 21 pictures all different of her own, creative artwork. You can visit her blog by clicking this: I like it lots hope you do to.

I also visited a nice blog called Come and Somersault With Sarah. It has got real information in it and the information is really interesting aswell. It is called, Auditioning for the Junior Orchester. If you would like to visit it yourself click in this link: You will find yourself amazed.

The last one I visited for the day was A magnificent blog called Around the world. Her post is about a trip to canberra. It sounds very exciting. I have family in Camberra but have never been there. It tellls you all about a fun activity in Camberra called Questacon. If you want to find out more, click on this link:


Did you visit any blogs that you found interesting?


Smiggle Snake Puzzle

A smiggle snake puzzle is a puzzle that you can make over 200 different shapes with!

You can make things such as…….

  • Balls
  • dogs
  • cats
  • phones
  • snakes
  • frame
  • shapes

You can also make up your own things.

Most people agree that ball is the hardest thing to make. I can do it really well but if you can’t I have put a You tube video on so that you can learn. Once you have gone through it once or twice you will get the hang of it.

Did that video help you?

Do you know how to make anything else?



To me art is very enjoyable. I have been interested in art since I was about 4 years old.

I have tried many different types of art before such as……

  • -painting
  • -drawing
  • -scetching
  • -felting

I have also used many different materials such as…….

  • -watercolour
  • -pencil
  • -texta
  • -crayon
  • -pens

I have also used fancy pens as well.

Are you interested in art?




Coins can have various different images on them. There can also be different shapes. I have a collection of coins from different countries. I have five coins from America and one from japan. I also have some from other countries but I can’t remember. From America I have One Dime (that is worth 10 cents.) I also have a 5 cent coin and a 1 cent coin.

As well as that collection I also have a 50 cent coin collection. I have a book for them as well. I have 2 round coins. 1 is a normal size and the other one is a bit smaller. They don’t have a place in my book but I still have them. I only have 1 coin left in my collection to get.

My Nanny also gave me three lucky coins. To me they aren’t lucky but I still like them.

Do you collect coins?

Military Honour {Explored}
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My Holidays

These school holidays I have had such a great one that I decided to write a post to tell you all about it.

As some of you may already know, I have had dancing competitions. They were really enjoyable. I placed 3rd in my ballet solo, Highly Commended in my Neo-clasical/modern group and Highly Commended and my Ballet group.

I also went to the beach. We played cricket, (but the ball kept landing in the water.) We had a sausage sizzle and we went shell collecting. We also had a little paddle but we didn’t put our bathers on. That was fun.

We also went to the cinemas to watch The Smurfs 2. I really like that movie. My favourite part is when the Smurfs, Patrick and Grace go hunting for Surfette. (that is basically the whole moovie.) At the start when Smufette made friends with Vexi and Hackus I didn’y like it. But then when I got the idea of it I didnt mind it. I was happy in the end when Vexi and Hackus moved in and lived with the Smurfs. Gargamel was really mean to them.

How was your holidays?

Dark Sky Over A Blue Sea
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I have been interested in instruments since I was 3 years old.

When I was 3 my Mum took me to a concert and I chose an instrument to play. I then chose the bagpipes. Mum said I wasn’t allowed to play them so I then chose the violin.

I played the violin on and off for about 6 years. Then it got to a point where I had to choose to either do dancing or the violin. I chose dancing.

Now I play the clarinet in a program called Esk Band at school. I have been playing it since the begining of last year (2012). I really enjoy playing the clarinet.

Question of love
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