Evaluation On Blogging

Hello today I am doing a post on my evaluation for blogging like how many comments I have had and posts and stuff like that, It is also for the student bloggers challenge.

~For my posts I have had 39 posts but including this one 40.

~For my posts from the school and the student bloggers challenge I have done 2 from the challenge and 5 from school so 7 all together.

~For my comments from people in my class and people I dont know are 75.

~My all about me page got the most comments but from the posts it was my basketball post I think it was this because it was my first post.

~The post I enjoyed the most doing was my Polar Bears one because I really liked finding out new facts about them and I had another that I also really enjoyed was the one on Katy Perry because it was my first time to put a youtube clip on my blog and I really liked my Home And Away post.

~I have 28 widgets and I think that is a perfect amount of widgets because it looks good with 30 or less well thats what I think.

~I have 3 oversea people on my blogroll.

~I did change my theme a lot because I think it took a while to find the perfect one and its nice to have a change.

I have really enjoyed blogging it has been so much fun. Thanks so much Miss W for always taking part in helping us and teaching us even online since you live in another place.

I also really want to thanks Ms B because she was the one who even let me start blogging.

Thanks Again,



Heres just a little something I wanted to thanks Miss W about:

It has been a pleasure working with you. I cant believe how hard you work. You are one of the most kindest people I know, Every Friday and Wednesdays you go online and talk to us even though we could be taking your time from you doing something else. I know that if someone got to know you they would think your one of the nicest people. I have had so much fun doing this if i had to rate it 10/10 I would rate it 1000000000000000000000000/10 even though thats a bit more then 10. The reason I have enjoyed blogging is going on the online classroom and talking and meeting new wonderful lovely people around the world like Merry Beau. My favourite thing I LOVE about blogging is meeting new people but then i have heaps more. 

I would have heaps more to say about Miss W but I have to go now.


Whats Your Favourite Thing About Blogging?

 Why do you like blogging?


3 thoughts on “Evaluation On Blogging

  1. Thanks for visiting ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang’ again Mackenzie and leaving such positive and friendly comments.

    I find ROAR a very impressive blog.
    I think you have a very good teacher in Ms Wyatt
    but I think you must be a very attentive
    and hardworking student.
    Your blog shows this.

    Even though you have been working on it
    a relatively short time,
    it is ‘all singing and dancing’ :)

    I can tell you enjoy expressing yourself
    and a blog is a very rewarding way of doing this.

    With every good wish

  2. Thanks for your kind comment Mackenzie
    on ‘If Only The Best Birds Sang.
    I am delighted you are through to the voting stage
    on the Edublog Award.
    I am amazed at how quickly your blog has come together,
    from the beginning to now.
    I had my blog for a full year
    before it was fit to be seen out in public
    and it took another six months on top of that
    before it began to look anyway right.
    You and I know that it is important to be pleasant online :)
    After all this is our ‘digital footprint’.
    What you say reflects the person you are.
    Thanks again and good luck in the Awards.
    Even getting the Finalist Badge is wonderful isn’t it!
    With every good wish

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