My Favourite show Home And Away

Hello today I will be talking about Home And Away. Home and Away is my Favourite show. My Favourite girl that is in it is Ricki also known as Bonnie and then Evilan. My favourite boy that is in it is Josh also known as Jackson. Home and Away is now finished for the year and it ended with a big bomb which there was Dr Cooper, Ricki, Heath, Bianca, Irene and I think there was 1 more if there was could you please put it in the comments tahnks:)

Now here are some facts that I learnt about home and away:

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays the show is on. On Thursdays its on for an hour it starts at 7:00 and ends at 8:00 only on Thursday though and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday its only on for half an hour so it ends at 7:30. It was created by: Alan Bateman.

The show was first on TV on 17 January 1988 so a long time ago. I started watching it in 2011 and loved it for a long time.

Now I will tell you some things that have happened in Home And Away:

On home and away Brax went to jail and Indie has left to get out of town because her husband moved away and had cancer and then died were he had moved away and Indie got sent his ashes and that was when she found out he had died. There has also been some people new but the main mean rude person that has come in and I call her the teacher because I have never really found out her name I dont know if they even said her name. The things that this teacher has done has been unspeakable in fact the bomb that I was talking about The teacher was the one who started it she has also spray painted the school and blamed it on one of the students. She has also done way way way more. I have I think 2 other people in my class that watch it one of them is Isabelle and I think Jacob and Im not sure but I think Grace and Caitlin do sometimes.

That is all I have to say about home and away I LOVE it very much!!!

Here is 2 videos of home and away:

These Videos are the ads that were on before the bomb.

Here is a video before April and Dex got married

Do you watch Home And Away?
Who is Your favourite character?



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  1. G’day Mackenzie,
    I must have been one of the thousands of people who watched the first episode of H&A back in 1988. I was teaching at a school in Hobart and all the students were watching it, so of course I also had to know what was happening.

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