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You might be looking at the title and thinks who the heck is that well that  is Katy Perry her old name used to be that then she changed it to Katy Perry Which is her stage name. Katy Perry was born on October 23rd 1984. She has a brother and a sister which is just like me infact she has a older sister and a younger brother which is also just like me. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California.

Her first number 1 hit was I kissed a girl. In 2010 she released a album called California girls it hit the top……  Katy Perry is the only singer that has got over 1 reward, for the one album She got married to man called Russel bran, she got married in India. She is the only singer that has ever got her song up the top for 40 weeks. She even created her own barbie in 2011. Also in 2011, she broke up with her husband. She became singer of the year which was fantastic.

Here are some GREAT pictures of her:

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
Photo Credit: Daniel Suarez™ via Compfight


166.Katy Perry - Rock Star
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Brayan Esteban Esparza Gonzalez via Compfight

Here are some videos of her latest songs:





Here are her songs and the dates they were made on:

Hot ‘n’ Cold 2008
Wide Awake 2012
I Kissed a Girl 2008
Roar 2013
Thinking of You 2008
Waking Up In Vegas 2008
Who You Love
One of the Boys 2008
Use Your Love
Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Up 2012
Part Of Me
Firework 2010
Dressin’ Up 2012
E.T. 2010
California Gurls 2010
The One That Got Away 2010
If You Can Afford Me 2008
White Christmas
Fingerprints 2008
Ur So Gay 2008
I’m Still Breathing 2008
Mannequin 2008
Teenage Dream 2010
Electric Feel 2009
A Cup of Coffee 2008
Self Inflicted 2008
Hackensack 2009
Black and Gold
My Own Monster 2001
Last Friday Night 2010
Trust in Me 2001

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  1. G’day Mackenzie,
    Remember any images you use need to be creative commons and I noticed you haven’t attributed them to anyone. Mum may have to take those images off your post or you will need to find some you can use.

  2. Hi Mackenzie,
    Yes at the moment just use photos from compfight. Next year I will give you some other sites you can use. Finding the attribution or who owns the photos is done for you in compfight but not on the other sites. You will learn to give the attribution next year.

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