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I am here to show, talk and more about some wonderful blogs that court my eye. These blogs were nominated for the best blogs of 2012. They were all EXTRA good and AMAZING with lots of good post ideas but sadly I had to pick 3 of them and I did.

The First one is Millies Blog her about me page is VERY interesting I had a BLAST reading that. On her blog she has some AMAZING stickers/faces and shapes. I LOVE how she put pictures in her posts to make even more interesting and giving us a bigger idea. On the side of her blog she has her very own voki, her own pet wolf and her visitors. Her latest post was on her class calender. She has a lovely header image at the front of her blog it really caught my eye. Here Is Her Blog.

My second blog is Amy M’s Creative Mind. WOW this one was GREAT I LOVED this one. This blog was very sorted. The same as Millie’s Blog she had a picture with all her posts so it made it more interesting. Her drawings INSPIRED me!!! She was just like me and LOVED art. She had LOTS of information which was very interesting. Her latest post was on her latest Drawings. She has lots of GREAT widgets. Here is the link to her AMAZING blog.

My Third Blog was Dana’s Dazzling Blog. OMG how I LOVED this Blog. This Blog is very colourful with an AMAZING header image. Her latest post was on┬áRemeberance day but bye the time you visit it, it could be something else She had some very LOVELY widgets that caught my eye. I love How she has put her title there its very fascinating. She defiantly a SUPER DUPER Blog. I LOVE it how she puts a picture with every post. Here’s Her Blog.

Before I go Heres one more blog that really caught my eye. Look At it Here.


Did You Like Those Blogs?

What Did You Think Of Them?

What Was Your Favourite?



2 thoughts on “Some SUPER DUPER Blogs

  1. Hi Roar,
    I like the song called “What Does The Fox Says” and your blog is FANTASTIC because you have put lots of things in it.

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