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This post has been written by Miss W to congratulate Mackenzie and to show how you can vote for her blog.

Congratulations go to both Mackenzie and Annabel whose blogs have been shortlisted in the best student blog section of the Edublog Awards.

If teachers wish to vote for their blogs before the 18th December, please click on the image below. You may only vote once  from the same IP address. This means vote from lots of different computers outside the school system, as all department computers have the same IP Address. You will need to join to make your vote count.

If your students wish to vote for them, they will need to click on this link and find either Mackenzie (!ROAR!) or Annabel (Dance to this blog) on the poll and vote that way. The reason students vote differently is that Edublog Awards are on a format and you can only join if 13 and older (or if your parents create an account for you). So younger students get the chance to vote using the polldaddy instead. They can vote once each day from the same IP address.

Miss Wyatt has also been nominated in the lifetime achievement section – click here if you wish to vote for her.

The student blogging challenge which Miss Wyatt runs has also been nominated in the best use of social media section – click here to vote for that.


Many thanks to those educationalists around the world who nominated either Mackenzie, Annabel or Miss Wyatt for the Edublog Awards.

Evaluation On Blogging

Hello today I am doing a post on my evaluation for blogging like how many comments I have had and posts and stuff like that, It is also for the student bloggers challenge.

~For my posts I have had 39 posts but including this one 40.

~For my posts from the school and the student bloggers challenge I have done 2 from the challenge and 5 from school so 7 all together.

~For my comments from people in my class and people I dont know are 75.

~My all about me page got the most comments but from the posts it was my basketball post I think it was this because it was my first post.

~The post I enjoyed the most doing was my Polar Bears one because I really liked finding out new facts about them and I had another that I also really enjoyed was the one on Katy Perry because it was my first time to put a youtube clip on my blog and I really liked my Home And Away post.

~I have 28 widgets and I think that is a perfect amount of widgets because it looks good with 30 or less well thats what I think.

~I have 3 oversea people on my blogroll.

~I did change my theme a lot because I think it took a while to find the perfect one and its nice to have a change.

I have really enjoyed blogging it has been so much fun. Thanks so much Miss W for always taking part in helping us and teaching us even online since you live in another place.

I also really want to thanks Ms B because she was the one who even let me start blogging.

Thanks Again,



Heres just a little something I wanted to thanks Miss W about:

It has been a pleasure working with you. I cant believe how hard you work. You are one of the most kindest people I know, Every Friday and Wednesdays you go online and talk to us even though we could be taking your time from you doing something else. I know that if someone got to know you they would think your one of the nicest people. I have had so much fun doing this if i had to rate it 10/10 I would rate it 1000000000000000000000000/10 even though thats a bit more then 10. The reason I have enjoyed blogging is going on the online classroom and talking and meeting new wonderful lovely people around the world like Merry Beau. My favourite thing I LOVE about blogging is meeting new people but then i have heaps more. 

I would have heaps more to say about Miss W but I have to go now.


Whats Your Favourite Thing About Blogging?

 Why do you like blogging?


Katy Perry Poll

Hi today I have a Katy Perry poll below that you can vote for which song you think is the best if you dont know what one or more of the songs are you may search it up on Youtube.


Kathrine Elizabeth Hudson


You might be looking at the title and thinks who the heck is that well that  is Katy Perry her old name used to be that then she changed it to Katy Perry Which is her stage name. Katy Perry was born on October 23rd 1984. She has a brother and a sister which is just like me infact she has a older sister and a younger brother which is also just like me. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California.

Her first number 1 hit was I kissed a girl. In 2010 she released a album called California girls it hit the top……  Katy Perry is the only singer that has got over 1 reward, for the one album She got married to man called Russel bran, she got married in India. She is the only singer that has ever got her song up the top for 40 weeks. She even created her own barbie in 2011. Also in 2011, she broke up with her husband. She became singer of the year which was fantastic.

Here are some GREAT pictures of her:

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
Photo Credit: Daniel Suarez™ via Compfight


166.Katy Perry - Rock Star
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Brayan Esteban Esparza Gonzalez via Compfight

Here are some videos of her latest songs:





Here are her songs and the dates they were made on:

Hot ‘n’ Cold 2008
Wide Awake 2012
I Kissed a Girl 2008
Roar 2013
Thinking of You 2008
Waking Up In Vegas 2008
Who You Love
One of the Boys 2008
Use Your Love
Tommie Sunshine’s Megasix Smash-Up 2012
Part Of Me
Firework 2010
Dressin’ Up 2012
E.T. 2010
California Gurls 2010
The One That Got Away 2010
If You Can Afford Me 2008
White Christmas
Fingerprints 2008
Ur So Gay 2008
I’m Still Breathing 2008
Mannequin 2008
Teenage Dream 2010
Electric Feel 2009
A Cup of Coffee 2008
Self Inflicted 2008
Hackensack 2009
Black and Gold
My Own Monster 2001
Last Friday Night 2010
Trust in Me 2001

My Favourite show Home And Away

Hello today I will be talking about Home And Away. Home and Away is my Favourite show. My Favourite girl that is in it is Ricki also known as Bonnie and then Evilan. My favourite boy that is in it is Josh also known as Jackson. Home and Away is now finished for the year and it ended with a big bomb which there was Dr Cooper, Ricki, Heath, Bianca, Irene and I think there was 1 more if there was could you please put it in the comments tahnks:)

Now here are some facts that I learnt about home and away:

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays the show is on. On Thursdays its on for an hour it starts at 7:00 and ends at 8:00 only on Thursday though and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday its only on for half an hour so it ends at 7:30. It was created by: Alan Bateman.

The show was first on TV on 17 January 1988 so a long time ago. I started watching it in 2011 and loved it for a long time.

Now I will tell you some things that have happened in Home And Away:

On home and away Brax went to jail and Indie has left to get out of town because her husband moved away and had cancer and then died were he had moved away and Indie got sent his ashes and that was when she found out he had died. There has also been some people new but the main mean rude person that has come in and I call her the teacher because I have never really found out her name I dont know if they even said her name. The things that this teacher has done has been unspeakable in fact the bomb that I was talking about The teacher was the one who started it she has also spray painted the school and blamed it on one of the students. She has also done way way way more. I have I think 2 other people in my class that watch it one of them is Isabelle and I think Jacob and Im not sure but I think Grace and Caitlin do sometimes.

That is all I have to say about home and away I LOVE it very much!!!

Here is 2 videos of home and away:

These Videos are the ads that were on before the bomb.

Here is a video before April and Dex got married

Do you watch Home And Away?
Who is Your favourite character?




Hello Everyone,

I am here to show, talk and more about some wonderful blogs that court my eye. These blogs were nominated for the best blogs of 2012. They were all EXTRA good and AMAZING with lots of good post ideas but sadly I had to pick 3 of them and I did.

The First one is Millies Blog her about me page is VERY interesting I had a BLAST reading that. On her blog she has some AMAZING stickers/faces and shapes. I LOVE how she put pictures in her posts to make even more interesting and giving us a bigger idea. On the side of her blog she has her very own voki, her own pet wolf and her visitors. Her latest post was on her class calender. She has a lovely header image at the front of her blog it really caught my eye. Here Is Her Blog.

My second blog is Amy M’s Creative Mind. WOW this one was GREAT I LOVED this one. This blog was very sorted. The same as Millie’s Blog she had a picture with all her posts so it made it more interesting. Her drawings INSPIRED me!!! She was just like me and LOVED art. She had LOTS of information which was very interesting. Her latest post was on her latest Drawings. She has lots of GREAT widgets. Here is the link to her AMAZING blog.

My Third Blog was Dana’s Dazzling Blog. OMG how I LOVED this Blog. This Blog is very colourful with an AMAZING header image. Her latest post was on Remeberance day but bye the time you visit it, it could be something else She had some very LOVELY widgets that caught my eye. I love How she has put her title there its very fascinating. She defiantly a SUPER DUPER Blog. I LOVE it how she puts a picture with every post. Here’s Her Blog.

Before I go Heres one more blog that really caught my eye. Look At it Here.


Did You Like Those Blogs?

What Did You Think Of Them?

What Was Your Favourite?



The Dogs Just Been Sick In The Honda!!!!!


You might be wondering what is that because of the title. Well its a book with lots of Poems. I got it because I told some 1 of my neighbours a poem that I made up It goes like this:

There was a farmer he had a boat and he had to try get to the other side of the river but the boat only held 2 passengers he counted as one but he had to try get corn (that counts as a passenger) a fox and a chicken and himself because he could only fit 2 passengers on the boat how would he get to the other side if he took the fox first then the chicken would eat the corn and if he took the corn first then the fox would eat the chicken so how would he do it remember that they all have to get to the other side and that they will have to have more then 1 trip to get then all to the other side.

It would be good if you left a comment on how they would do it.

Anyway make to the book some of the poems that are in the book go like this:

. Travel Sickness

The dogs just been sick in the honda and my dad says hes phoning the vets and if you lives to a hundred and fifty were not having anymore pets. The dog hung its head and looked guilty something went through its thick brain mum cleaned it up with some tissues then it turned round and threw up again. Dad Nearly drove up a lamp post he screamed and threw open the door we all got out onto the pavement but the dog stayed inside and did more. Dad tore his head and went purple mum said “dont make a fuss” and while dad was having a breakdown i took the dog home on the bus (where it wasn’t sick at all)

. Fish Are So Stupid (I do not think that its just what the poem is called)

Coelacanths cant dance. Trout cant Shout. And stupid Barramundi cant tell when its Sunday. Flat heads are fat heads. A shark cant bark. And stupid Barramundi cant tell when its Monday.

. Arnold

I am a little budgie Arnold is my name . I sit and chirrup all day long and i have no claim to fame. I sometimes eat a bit of seed or peck my cuttlefish, Or talk to Arnold-in-the-mirror, or paddle in my dish. The highlight of my day is night when they cover up my cage and i can dream i’m flying free and only half my age. “Who’s a pretty boy then” if i hear those words once more i swear ill beat my brains out on the gravel on the floor. I wish that i was in the sun with a lovely budgie wife. I wish escape this cage and get myself a life.

.The Dodo

There was a old dodo called Fred who said “I’m supposed to be dead. I’m extinct as can be, I’m as dead as a me. Theirs nothing else to be said.

.Tiger, tiger burning bright

.Tiger tiger burning bright who the hell set you alight?

.That’s Not Very Nice

.A bird flew by up in the sky. except for the bit that fell in my eye.

That’s All of those I really hope you enjoy that I love this book.

But please remember to answer my question if you forgot how it goes it goes like this:

There was a farmer he had a boat and he had to try get to the other side of the river but the boat only held 2 passengers he counted as one but he had to try get corn (that counts as a passenger) a fox and a chicken and himself because he could only fit 2 passengers on the boat how would he get to the other side if he took the fox first then the chicken would eat the corn and if he took the corn first then the fox would eat the chicken so how would he do it remember that they all have to get to the other side and that they will have to have more then 1 trip to get then all to the other side.