Holiday Learning


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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to share a few things I have watched over the last few days. I am not used to having down time and may only be catching up on things you have all seen but I wanted to share in any case :)

Rita Pierson: ‘Every Kid Needs a Champion’ – ( was just such an inspiration. I particularly liked her quote from Stephen Covey  “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”. I know this is well known to us but this TEDtalk could be one to share with schools.

Ken Robinson: ‘Changing Education Paradigms’ – ( WOW, this is so interesting, particularly if you are interested in sociology at all! Ken really challenges the current status quo of schools. I appreciated how he pointed out that schools are still in an ‘industrail/manufacturing’ model… it needs to change. Fascinating!

Ed Tronick: ‘Messy is Better than Perfect’ ( You all know Ed and possibly know of this talk. I really loved how he spoke about attunement and used the metaphor of dancing. Also, this talk resonates with the ‘Good Enough Parenting’ group we heard about from Child Protection. Messy is better, embrace the arguments but always repair! I even got a screen-shot of a slide to make into a poster;

Messy Parenting

Verna Myers: How to Overcome Your Biases? Walk Boldly Toward Them ( A fantastic exploration of biases, which we all have and it is sometimes scary to admit to let alone finding ways to challenge them! I even did the ‘Implicit Association Test’ ( and got ‘moderate preference for African American’ which I was pleased with… (a bias still exists though!!!).

Hope you are all enjoying the quiet time, whether you’re on holiday or quietly working somewhere :)


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Hi everyone!

I spent some time trawling through some op-shops today and found some resources, I got the Nat Geo magazines to use pictures to make strengths cards with students – something I am a bit excited about as students have asked to do it.

I found the ‘Google Earth’ book for a boy I am working with who has high functioning Autism and is always showing me places on Google Earth. I will feedback how it went and let me know if you would like to look at it.

Cheers, N.10903502_724436997664145_1056105719_n

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Glitter Jars – Social Work Conference


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I made some test little glitter jars for the conference show-bags! I need to get some tape to put around the top or I could glue them shut…

I thought we could print up little info sheets to go with them like the one I sent home to parents of a group I ran

the glitter bottles represent the brain, when we feel overwhelmed (worried, angry, upset, very happy) our thoughts can be moving very fast and it can be really difficult to calm down and concentrate. As the bottle sits still and quietly the glitter settles – this is what our brains will do – gradually calming and making thinking more clearly much easier.

What do you all think? Let me know and if we are happy I will make up a heap :)


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Dealing with the Feelings group


Posted by ngelston | Posted in Anxiety Management, group work, primary school | Posted on December 11, 2014

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first primary school group in my social work career! It has been really successful with a celebration event today! It was with a group of five students – 3 girls and 2 boys, four in grade 3 and one in grade 4.

At least three of the students were very anxious about the thought of being part of the group when it was first shared with them and their family by an assistant principal but as soon as they came into the room and we created rules together about being safe everyone settled quickly and we had a lot of fun learning about feelings and how to regulate at times when we are overwhelmed by any feeling.

I know most of you would have this stuff under your belt and I sort of have some experience during my time in child care and so on, but it all felt very new and I was nervous… Then it became a favourite part of my week!

I have attached my proposal/outline for you to take a look at and facilitate maybe!

Group Proposal

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Discussion: Is Feminism Dead?


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on October 23, 2014

Working in this job and frequently listening to young women talk about wanting to please their boyfriends, obsess about their weight/looks and talk about how they are treated differently from their male counterparts, I was starting to become a bit jaded in my thinking about feminism (and society in general) in the 21st century.

Luckily we are starting to see (albeit a very slow) shift back towards feminism. We can start to see this concerning equal pay legislation debates in Parliament and commentary from journalists about women’s rights via mainstream and social media.

Im not sure how many of you are aware of the site Mumamia, but they sometimes have some very interesting posts concerning feminism like these:

I also recently read a book by Caitlyn Moran (Journalist at the London Times) called ‘How to be a Woman’ which was a very powerful read concerning feminism and one woman’s experiences with Patriarchy. I recommend you have a read of it.

Hopefully what some are saying is right, that we are just on the cusp of another wave of feminism. Until then, I think I will give MTV a swerve, its just too depressing!

What do you guys think? Are you starting to see some changes in society regarding women/feminism? Id love to hear from you all-especially if you have read a book/literature concerning feminism lately you would like to share.


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Magic/Kinetic Sand Recipe


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Tools and Resources | Posted on October 13, 2014

Hi All,

I also made some Magic/Kinetic/Moon Sand during the holidays. I made up batches following this recipe:

1 cup water, 2.5 cups corn flour, 5 cups play sand (bought from Bunnings)

It turned out almost as well as the sand you buy from stores. It doesn’t quite stick together as much-still lots of fun! Here’s a tip though, better not to add food dye- the green sand does not look good! :)

Play Sand

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Play Therapy: Travel Doll’s House


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Tools and Resources | Posted on October 13, 2014

Ever since we did that Play Therapy training, ive been obsessing over the idea of a collapsible dolls house (because I don’t have the room to buy four different ones for each office) to use for play therapy.

In addition to picking up ANOTHER nasty cold, I was able to build one these holidays. Ive attached some pictures below to share with you all. I made it out of cardboard and all of the furniture is from recyclables from around the home. I bought some peg people off Etsy and painted and decorated them also.

When not in use, the house folds up neatly and I can store it behind my filing cabinet.

Doll 1Doll house in initial sections:

Doll 2Creating the sections and getting them to all fit together!

Doll 3I even created brick walls, a picket fence and grass for the sides of the house (yes those are my red bunny pyjamas you can see in shot).

Doll 4Ive since added bathroom furniture, a TV fixed the saggy roof and made it all look a but more ‘polished’.

Peg 3It might not be fancy, but my peg people look pretty happy with it! :)

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I got a bit excited about working in schools….


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I got four teddy bears for the primary school offices and a heap of arty/crafty/tactile bits and pieces from Kmart…

Any suggestions to add would be fantastic :)

Oh.. and the cat is mine, not for schools!

Cheers, Naomi.

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Think Good-Feel Good CBT Workbook on Sharepoint


Posted by Karen Dunkley | Posted in Anxiety Management, Counselling, Mental Health | Posted on September 30, 2014

Hi All,

I recently purchased the Think Good-Feel Good CBT Workbook for young people which includes free access to online resources!

The workbook presents core CBT techniques to children in a fun and creative way.

I have uploaded the chapters to SharePoint in ‘Resources for Working with Children’ under CBT :)


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Android Mental Health Apps


Posted by bmcdougall | Posted in Counselling, Mental Health, Motivational Tools, Technology | Posted on September 23, 2014

Hi everyone,

I know there has been an app list going around for iTunes but I’ve found some pretty nifty android apps so I thought I’d share them in case any of them are useful :) Also, many of them are on iTunes as well so no one gets left out!

  • The Mindfulness App ($1.99)
  • Get Some Headspace
  • Breathe2Relax
  • Omvana (This meditation app is apple device only but definitely one to watch as it is fully customizable meaning you can even record your own voice if you find the options too annoying! I know some high school students who would love that option J )
  • Worry box – Anxiety self help
  • Sleep Time – Alarm clock (tracks where you are in your sleep cycle and wakes you up when you are ready rather than in deep sleep – well, within a certain time frame!)
  • Self Help for Anxiety Management (SAM) – (even offers a community component)
  • Daily Yoga
  • Positive thinking (Provides you with encouraging/uplifting quotes daily)
  • Depression CBT Self-Help guide (I haven’t actually tried this and I always wonder how effective this kind of thing could be but it is rated very highly by its users)
  • Depression Inventory (helps you track your moods throughout the day – very useful for those of us wanting to know how things are going between appointments)
  • Fig (focusses on 6 categories: eat, move, refresh, feel, connect and go further. Teaches you what is important about each category as you go)
  • Secret of happiness  (right down three things you are grateful for every night as a 30 day challenge)
  • (guide to different medications and their side effects)
  • T2Mood tracker (you can even build your own scales to measure your mood on)
  • 7Min workout
  • Fitocracy (workout app where you track your progress but also has a social media element so friends can compete against each other and stay motivated)

Hope these are useful. Just type in the name into Google play store and search Apps – they should be easy enough to find. They are all free on the android store unless otherwise stated.

Bethany :)


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Resources Swap Meet


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on September 18, 2014

Hi All,

If you are like me, you probably have drawers/cupboards/bookcases in your offices that are crammed full of resources you no longer use.

I planned on bringing in some stuff to share with everyone at the training day during the holidays and wondered if anyone was keen to do the same? We could set up a table where people could have a look at stuff during the day…

I am just bringing in stuff to give away, however some of you may want to sell some of your more expensive resources you don’t use anymore.

Feel free to bring along anything you want to get rid of! (lets hope I don’t leave with more stuff than I brought!)



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DoE Anti-Bullying Competition


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Healthy Relationships, Mental Health, School And Classroom Programs | Posted on August 20, 2014

Not sure if you have all seen this:

Its a DoE anti-bullying competition for students K-Grade 12. They can win an IPad. May be worthwhile to forward to your schools.

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Parenting Information Resource


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Parenting | Posted on August 14, 2014

I recently found some great parenting information brochures hidden away in one of my new offices. I brought them to the last team meeting to share with everyone and ive now found the electronic versions (much easier to print off instead of photocopying hard copies)

Its some great information on a wide range of topics:

You can save individual brochures to your computer or just save the link to your favourites.

Happy reading!


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Play Therapy Kit


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Counselling, Tools and Resources | Posted on August 13, 2014

For those of you interested in what I put in my play therapy kit, ive included a photo below.

I included musical instruments, blocks, baby doll, craft items (felt, glue, buttons, wool, colouring in, paper etc), elmo medical kit, dress up handbag, bracelets, necklaces, camera, 2x phones, soft ball, playdough, racing cars, mechanical tools, missile weapons, finger puppets, miniature animals, miniature people and am working on including a sand tray (anyone know where I can buy some sand?)

The tubs are from Shiploads-about $5 each for the big ones…



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Morning Routines Information for Parents


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Attendance, Kids Health Resource | Posted on August 13, 2014

I recently came across this that some people may find useful when discussing morning routines with parents.

It may be useful for a conversation you have to have with them in relation to attendance.

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Who knew Down Ball was so complicated?


Posted by Lisa | Posted in Social Skills | Posted on August 13, 2014

 Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well. I get a lot of referrals around ‘fair play’ and sportsmanship and I recently worked with a student on strategies concerning arguments when playing down ball. Ive attached them in this word doc for anyone who may find it useful. I printed it off for the student, glued the strategies to the back of the picture and they have kept it in the desk as a reminder throughout the day.

It could easily be adapted to any sport by changing a few words and the picture.

If anyone else has sportsmanship resources they have created/found useful, please share them via this post.


Being a Good Sport Downball Rules

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Non-Attend Update


Posted by ngelston | Posted in Attendance | Posted on July 25, 2014

Hi everyone,

As spoken about in team meeting I have attached some case studies for you to have a look at (Case Studies). Please note these case studies were written for the purpose of highlighting some ‘practice gaps’ – that is to say I have been unsure of the flexibility of the funding and my practice which is why there are dot points of ‘what I did not follow up on’ in each case.

I am not sure if you would like more detail and I would be happy to give more so just let me know if you have questions!

The stats I shared at the meeting were;

  • As of August 2013, 37 students have been referred. There was a high rate of ‘inappropriate referrals’ at first which my investigation highlighted. This included reasons such as; moving region or interstate, employed and health issues.
  • There were 26 remaining and of this cohort;
    • 50% have engaged with me.
    • 76% of those working with me (that is 38% of the total) have re-engaged in learning.

Just a note of thanks to everyone for the ongoing support and interest! This is proving to be a very rewarding position in many aspects.

Thanks, Naomi.

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LGBTI Resources


Posted by Monica | Posted in Sharepoint Updates | Posted on July 4, 2014

Hi all,

I have uploaded two new documents on the sharepoint in the LGBTI Folder (thank you for creating the folder Lisa). One is a framework for promoting the mental health of LGBTI people and the second is A Practice Wisdom Resource on Working Therapeutically with LGBTI Clients.



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Working It Out Support Group: Launceston


Posted by Lisa | Posted in LGBTI | Posted on July 3, 2014

Working It Out Support Group

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Anxiety Management Program


Posted by Susan I | Posted in Anxiety Management, Counselling, Kids Health Resource, Mental Health, Social Skills, Tools and Resources, Uncategorized | Posted on June 24, 2014

I thought you may find this program useful. I developed it a couple of years ago as I thought the Cool Kids program was “too CBT” (too cerebral :-) )  for most little kids. This one includes some CBT but is also based on ACT and other theoretical approaches. There’s an outline and associated worksheets and a set of 10 strategy cards. I usually buy a gift bag to put the cards and papers and other objects in to take home at the end. The cards need printing and laminating together, double sided. Can be used for a group or individuals.

Bag of Tricks cards Act as if… game cards Anxiety Management Program Outline Body signs handout Detective Thinking worksheet Do Something event_thoughts_feelings_worksheet thoughts_and_feelings_word_cards

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