Easter Holidays

Hello Grade 3/4 Price,

I hope you all have a fun and relaxing Easter holiday. I will be relaxing and recharging my “batteries” ready for the rest of the term.

Image: ‘Recharging

What do you do to recharge?


4 thoughts on “Easter Holidays

  1. hello 3/4 price

    i love blogging and adding comments

    i recharge by relaxing, drinking water, resting and waching tv.

    regards ethan

  2. Hello class and bloggers,

    In the Easter holidays I went to Port Arthur for two days. I was there with friends and family. We went kayaking, sliding down sand dunes, fishing and swimming. Sliding down the sand dunes was great, but climbing back up was hard because the sand dunes were so big and soft. Kayaking and swimming were also great. We did swimming and kayaking at the same time. I was going to jump off my kayak, but I didn’t because when I was going to jump off I was in deep water and I don’t like deep water. When I did a bit of swimming I got realy cold because the water was freezing! brrrr… Fishing was boring, we only caught one fish I thought that we would catch more than one fish because we were fishing for five hours. We also went down to a gararge sale and bought four chocolate crackles and a mars bar cake. At night all of the kids played spotlight, everybody sat around the fire and roasted marshmallows. It was one of the best holidays ever!

    To recharge I either sleep or watch TV because I don’t move when I watch TV and when I sleep I am not aware of anything.

    I hope you all had a holiday like mine.

    Happy blogging :-)

    From Jessica

  3. Hello Mr P and class,

    It seems you are really getting the hang of blogging now. Has Mrs S told you much about blogs yet? Like Y.A.P.P.Y and a web-log (blog)?

    Another great post! You have all the spelling correct, the picture has a link to trace back to it and you have an excellent question down the bottom, hopefully that will get a decent amount of comments.

    Yes I love the Easter holidays because it’s a miner holiday with gift’s (chocolate mostly) :) and it leads up to the bigger holidays like Christmas and my birthday! I find that I get given to many chocolates so the might as well call it “gaining kg’s day”!

    I’m just having a relaxing day for Easter going to my Nan’s with my family and having lunch there. As well as chocolate (of course).

    To recharge I sleep and take it easy after a hard day. I think sleeping is one of everyone’s ways, well it should be because without sleep then we would all have harder life’s, we wouldn’t do as well at school, we would lose concentration and it wouldn’t be the same as having a nice sleep :) .
    Also as you picture shows is that you can do more things when you are recharged.

    What is your favourite part about Easter holidays?

    Happy Easter

    Happy blogging

    Regards Sabastian

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