In class we are studying about family, local, national and global celebrations. What is the best family based celebration you have had. Explain what the celebration was and what happened.

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  1. Hi Grade 3-4, my family has a tradition of celebrating ‘Tree Raising Night” We do this on the first Friday of December. My children are grown up and they come with theri partners, and their dogs!! Everyone wears Christmas things, like antlers, Santa htas etc, one year my daughter dresses as an Angel andone of my sons was an elf ! We have food and drinks together and them we put on The Wiggles Christmas album and put up the Christmas Tree. The kids take in turns each year putting the angelonthe top and turning on lights. It’s a great family night when my grwon up kids seem not so grown up for awhile .

  2. Hi 3/4 Price
    Finally I’ve found your Class Blog. I’ve looked a few times but haven’t found it. I think you are all very clever bloggers. It’s a great way to keep in touch, isn’t it? I’m missing you all lots and lots. There are lots of lovely children at Lauderdale who have made me feel very welcome but it’s not quite the same as knowing everyone in the school AND seeing them every week. I’m working with 6 classes – mainly Grade 1 and Grade 2 children. I’m doing Flying Start but I do miss sharing books for the Grade 3 and 4’s. Can you please keep me up to date on what you are enjoying reading at the moment.
    My favourite celebration was my surprise 40th birthday. I had no idea it was happening. I thought I was going to a restaurant with Al and my friend who had come over to visit from New Zealand. I walked in and there were lots of my friends. I couldn’t say a word for quite a long time – I was gob smacked!!! Love from Miss Sackett x

  3. Hello class,
    I love your blog it is very fun. My favourite celebration was my 8th birthday. I had a sleepover with my three friends i’m having an another one this year 2013 with my other three friends in july. Last year we had so much fun we even swam in the pool. We did crazy hairdo’s and ate macca’s ice cream at 12’o clock pm.Then we got in to bed but we didn’t go to sleep until 4 .30 am. Thenext day we had pancakes for breakfast and party pies for lunch. it was so much fun.

    kind regards bianca

  4. Hello 3/4 Price

    I like your page of celebrations my favourite celebration was the party I threw. Toby, Seth, Lach and I went to Zone 3 and had 3 games and then we went to place and with my nerf gun.

    have a good Easter.

    from Gus.

  5. Hi class,
    This is a great blog and my name is Brianna and I have have gone to two weddings. On the 1st wedding it was in a building but I got a new aunty, yay and there was food like pavlova, cake, chips, cookies and water.

    On the 2nd one was outside we had the same food as the 1st one there was more kids though! We played in a park it was fun.

    Bye have fun on the holydays
    Happy Easter

  6. Hello class.

    This is a great blog. My name is Emily. My best celebration was Easter. I like Easter because it is a fun time for me and my family.

    In 2011 on Easter day I had a new baby sister. My Mum, aunty, pop, nan and cousins were there All of the chocolate was from my mum.

    The best ever Easter I have ever hade was in 2012. We went to Queensland to see Kylie’s nan and pop. We had so many chocolates I couldn’t get up from the chair.

    So that is my story for now

  7. Hello 3/4P
    My best celebration was New Years Eve. It was really really fun! because there was lot’s of people
    we even had a mid night swim. We had all our friends over even our dance teacher came over. Tash and Brant brought over dress up’s.
    We all got in them and danced in the shed with the music up loud.
    After we celebrated we danced a bit more and went to bed.

    In the morning we had pancakes whith cream and jam. It was yummy! Through the day people went home and we just watched movies all day long
    from Ruby

  8. Hello Mr’P and class

    Iv’e only spent little time looking at the blog and learning about blogging.

    My favourite family celebration was mum and dads anniversary. The people that were there was mum, dad, my sister and I it was at three Little Ducks on Thursday. The meal I had was pizza mum and dad had soup my sister had pasta.

    Regards Ethan

  9. Hello

    My name is Jazlin my favourite celebration is my birthday because it is the day i was born. I get to see my friends and family who are very close to me. Another reason i like my birthday is that i get lots of presents.

    I usally wear my favourite dress that has flowers all over it. I play musical tiles for the little children at the party. I also play with a pinata for the children as well.

    At the end of the party everyone gets something.I normally have party pies and fairy bread and things like that.My whole family usally comes as well as some of my friends and maybe some of my sisters friends. The best food at my party is the cake because i never know what it will be and i never ask for a sertain cake someone just make it.

    Thankyou for reading my comment bloggers.

  10. Hello mr p :)
    Il like your blog post about celebration I had a huge birthday party last year. It was the best birthday aprty Ever! it could be better if i had 8 candles. the cake was a soccer ball. Because we were at a sports center.
    Next year it will be a lot better.

    I invited henko ethen toby otis gus tom and seb. We played soccer and football.
    From cayd Happy blogging :)

  11. Hello class,
    My name is Eloise my favourite celebration is Easter because it’s fun,I share things with my family and we have chocalate for breakfast

    In 2011 we got chocalate Easter eggs for breakfast it was fun.

    I hope you have an awesome Easter.

    from Eloise bye!

  12. Hello fellow bloggers,

    My favourite celebration would have to be my Mum and Dad’s wedding, because all of my friends and family came.

    It was a hot day.13 people came.

    I was the flower girl. I wore a white dress with white flowers on it and white sandals.

    It was a gorgeous church in Fiji.I loved it so much!

    Thank you for reading my blog post

    regards Ava.C :) 😉

  13. Hi Mr price and class

    My favourite celebration was when my nan got her new lungs. It was very
    amazing because she had been waiting for 4 years and it finally happened.

    The operation took 7 and a half hours. Imagine waiting for food for 7 and a
    half hours. She had to go to Melbourn for 3 months . It was a miricle and my nan was over the moon

    hope you have a great Easter!

    Regards Ariana

  14. Hello Mr P and class,

    I think that’s a great thing to create a post about! I remember last year we did some work on Diwali witch is an Indian celebration. My favourite celebrations are My Birthday and Christmas. There is a celebration coming up at the moment (Easter). Easter is a great way to gain a couple kg. With all the chocolate and we have the Easter thing coming up.

    I know you guys have just started but Mr P you have been doing it for 2 years now. You have to put a question mark after a question. Here’s an example: Why don’t you put question marks after a sentence? Apart from that it’s great. I still love the topic :) ! Also it’s good to put the image source in case someone else would like to use that picture.

    It’s a shame I couldn’t help you with this post :( . But that’s ok because I shall help you with your next post. I loved blogging last year and I have my own blog now. I have had it for about 2 years. It’s just in the left corner under student blogs, the one that say’s “Sabastian’s Fantastic Blog.”

    The best family celebration I have ever had is when I went to my uncles wedding. I like that because my uncle is on my mothers side of the family and here name is Tamara. My uncle’s wife now is also named Tamara, so when my uncle married My aunt Tamara she has the exact name as my mother!

    So that’s it.

    Have fun with Mr P.

    Happy blogging.

    Have a good Easter

    Regards Sabastian.

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