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 Figurative language for blog

Our class have been looking at a thing called Figurative Language. We have learnt so much about figurative language, like there are lot’s of different types of figurative language. For an example there are Metaphors,Similes and Alliteration. Metaphors are when you describe to unlike things without using the words like or as .Similes are the same thing but you have to use like or as in it. Alliteration is were you make a sentence using the same letter over and over.

Do you know anything about figurative language?


5 thoughts on “Figurative Language

  1. Hello class and fellow bloggers,

    Thank’s Mr price for posting my first post!
    It’s awesome seeing my idea and writing up on our blog.
    Also thank’s to Mr Moore for helping with the video and it was great having you in our class for the 6 weeks. I think we did really well with our Figurative Language. We learn’t about Similes, Metaphors,Alliteration,Personification and Idioms and I think there was one more but I can’t remember it.

    The easiest to pick up was Metaphor In my opinion. Mostly because it was our second one and it was the oppicet of our first one. The one I probably thought was the hardest was Idioms I don’t know why but I just don’t like Idioms. We did really well with the video I think each group explained there
    topic really well.

    Was there a favourite topic anyone had? Why?

    Regards Sabastian.

  2. Hi 3/4 Price
    My favourite type of Figurative Language is alliteration because some aliteration can be real hard tongue twisters. One tongue twister is She sells sea shells by the sea shore. That is my favorite tongue twister of all time.

    Regards Angus

  3. Hi mr Price and mr More

    I now simile, allitaration, onomatopeoia,metaphor,personificasion and I forgot the rest.

    Kind Regards From Harry P

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