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  1. Hi Eloise

    Thank you for sending a comment on our blog. Demi and Ashleigh did the choreography but Mr Price did some of it. Mr price said “we have to it to the beat”. Demi choose the song and now its my favorite song. Which was your favorite group dance 1,2,3 or 4?

    From Maddy

  2. Hi class and bloggers

    Our dance was awesome it was so fun. Bom bom was a good song to dance to it has a good beat. I love that song it makes me whan to jump all day long. I really enjoyed it especially doing it infront of the school I could not wait to get on stage

    From Ashleigh

  3. Hi class and of bloggers around the world

    The dance was very fun even if I didn’t shuffle very well. What was your favorite part in the dance and why? The part when we all stood up and put our hands in the air is cold the Mexican wave

    Kind Regards From Harry P

  4. Hi class and other bloggers,

    Our Bom Bom dance was very fun! Ashleigh and I choreography with Mr Prices help, Me and Ashleigh chose the song Bom Bom and its a really jumpy song that gets you going to the music and its REALLY energetic dancing is good for many different reasons like fun, helath and lots more! I hoped you liked our dance and our video!

    What was your favourite part of the dance?

    From Demi :)

  5. Hello Erica
    It took about 3 or 4 weeks but it took a long time to figure out what we should do after we did our first groups. Demi Ashleigh and Mr Price did most of the choreography but we all did chip in. It was really fun.

    From james

  6. Hi
    I just watched your video and you all did a brilliant job.
    I loved the way their was always a new move and also great job at keeping in time that is a hard thing to do and its much harder when you are in front of a crowd I do dancing and I know how hard it is and you guys were very brave to do that in front of the school.
    Loved the song choice a very good dance beat.
    Also great job boys and girls your shuffling was great.
    Regards Alice

    • Hello Alice
      thank you for the kind comment that you sent to us we all liked your comment. When we did the dance it cout about 1mouth or more to leran it

      From Jordan

  7. Hello 3/4P
    Great dancing. We watched the video in class and I just watched it again!
    Well done, it was very brave of you to come out and dance for everyone in assembly.
    Great song choice, I love that song! What made you choose it?
    From Savannah :)

    • Hi Olaf,

      Who would have known one of your favourite songs would be bom bom! Demi, Ashleigh and Mr Price helped a little bit aswell to do the coreography. I actually enjoyed doing the dancing a TINY LITTLE bit!!!!! That really suprised me. Thanks for visiting our blog please come again!

      Regards Tom

  8. Hello 3/4,
    Well done on the dance.
    It was terrific!
    I really liked how you all came out in groups.
    It made a great effect.
    How long did it take you to get the choreography right?
    Did anybody in your class help with the dance
    , or did the whole class chip in?

  9. Hello 3/4P,
    I really enjoyed your dancing. My favourite part is when you did the Mexican wave. Who did the choreography? You must have had lots of fun.

    Yours sincerely

    • hi jay

      demi,ashley and mr P did the choreography they did a really good job don’t you think? I was mr prices idear to do the mexican wave.

      from hugo

    • Hi Jess
      we did not pick the song only demi and ashleghi picked it.
      No it was not hard to perform. It took us about 3 weeks to learn the dance.


  10. Hi 3/4 Price
    Well done – that dance was fabulous!The moves were really interesting and it was great to watch!
    Did any of the students help with the making of the dance?
    The song suited the dance well.
    How did you choose that song and why did you choose.
    Looking forward to your answers.

    • Hello Eloise,

      Demi and Ashleigh amd Mr Price did most of the choreography but everyone helped a bit. Demi and Ashleigh chose the song. It is good that you liked it. We are all very glad.

      From Amy

  11. Hello Grade 3/4 Price,

    I really liked your choreography of your dance. It was really clever the way you got the dance in time to the music. I did think the shuffling and the jumping up and down on the spot was a bit repeditive.

    Well done
    Yours sincerely

    • Hi Alastair,

      Thanks for all your comments. Mr Price did the choreography and Mr price said to Elizabeth to tell you off for saying “the shuffling and jumping up and down was a bit repettive.

      From Max :)

  12. Hi 3/4P
    I just watch your dance again and I think that this time I probably enjoyed it more. I love the fact that you spent so much time practicing, the timing was to perfection.
    How long did it take to practice to perfection?

    Regards Jacques :-)

    • Hi Megan,

      I liked the performance was cool. We choese to do the dance because it is fun. Mr price said that it is better than maths but I think that maths is just as good as dancing.

      From Sam

  13. Hi everyone,
    The dance was cool. I loved the music. It was amazing how all of you were in time. Who choreographed the dance and what was the dance like based on? I also loved the wave in the end, it looked great.


    • Hi Jacob!

      Thanks! That dance took us quite a while to learn. First Demi and Ashleigh had to chose the song. A nice pick! Then they had to discuss the moves. Then they showed and taught us. Then we were put into different groups for our second dance. Then finally, the Mexican wave and shuffling. All up, it took maybe 3 or 4 weeks. Well, thats what it seemed like! We’re still not perfect! But at least the school loved it, and that’s the main thing!

      From Jessica

  14. Dear Mr Price,
    I think your performance on Monday was really good. Was it hard rehearsing? What was fun and what was not?
    Do you think that the performance worked out on Monday?

    It looked pretty good to me but I’m not sure what you would have


    • Hello Angus,

      Thanks! I enjoyed it too.

      Yes, most of the time Mr Price was telling people to do their move to the beat or to wait for the the group before you to get off.
      In all it was really fun but it took a few weeks to get right.

      I think it did work out, but not the way I expected!

      Please visit our blog again,
      From Emily

    • Hi Morgan

      Its Thomas and I did see you behind us before the dance started. I reckon that we all did very well and it was alot of fun:]

      Thanks for commenting and t.t.f.n.

      Regards Thomas

    • Hey Jackson

      Yes it was hard to rehearse because there were lots of people in the dance. It was hard because we didn’t have much room to practice in the classroom.The hardest part was the mexican wave because we coud not get the timing right.

      I hope you engoyed watching our dance.

      From Harry

  15. Dear 3/4 Price Class Blog,

    I love your dancing, it was very entertaining. Please come to our blog soon. We are trying to get 1000 visitors.

    From your new friend Daniel.

  16. Hello class and fellow bloggers,

    This is a great video. We took ages getting this dance organised and put together. We progressed slowly and perfected it at the end. This was a great music to go with our dance. Doing it in the class was easier than doing it in assembly in front of our whole school. We practiced for weeks and it really pulled off.

    The feeling I had was just nerves but after all of it when we finished it felt good to get it done. It was a good idea by Mr Price and I think we all enjoyed it. The Mexican wave was our biggest problem, getting every one to do it at the right time. I think we used the limited space very well because we didn’t have as much space as we did in the class room.

    There was lot’s of people in our class who say there really bad dancers (like me) but we all looked good at assembly. Everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. particularly Zac he couldn’t stop smiling! I think we did it all in the rhythm and the beat of the song. I didn’t think that we would get the Mexican wave right the week before we preformed in front of our whole school. Same with getting in time with the beat but we did we pulled them off.

    What did you enjoy about our dance? Why?

    Regards Sabastian

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