Welcome to Tasmania

Class 3/4 Price are taking part in the eschoolblogs student challenge this term. Some of the students are going to leave some comments about great places to visit in Tasmania. Share some of the places of interest in your state or province that a visitor should visit.

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  1. Hi bloggers!

    My one of my favourite places in tasmania is campbell town. The lollie shop is one of its major atractions because of the lollies that dont appear in supermarkets.

    from Emily

  2. Hi 3/4 price one of my one of my favourite plaqces to vist is cradle mountin, because it is very beautiful and theres snow in the winter. Another one of my favourite places to vist is coles bay because its got a awesome beach.

  3. Hi,

    I live in Victoria but visit Tasmania regularly as I just love being there. My favourite places to visit are Hobart as I love the feel there, I particularly like to be around Salamanca Place. I love Mt Field National Park and it is where I saw my first ever platypus. I was there in July this year and I even got to go for a hike in the snow. My absolute favourite place to go is Cradle Mountain. I highly recommend it. I could stay there weeks and it still wouldn’t be enough. I love so much about Tasmania but these are my top three places.
    So of the top things you can do in Victoria are going to the Great Ocean Road or shopping in Melbourne. We have lots of really, really good restaurants over here too.

    From Mrs Martin

  4. Hi 3/4 Price & Bloggers
    I like Tasmania because it doesn’t get too hot also it has some iconic things like our Mountains some are called Mt Wellington and Cradle Mountain also the Maritime Museum wich has lots of interesting things in it like boat things and boats also the Salamanca Markets which is full of good Food also their is Richmond that has the oldest bridge in Tasmania it is 178 years old which means it was built in 1825 last but not least the Tasman it got hit by the boat lake Illawarra on the 5th of January 1975 but luckily we could make another Tasman Bridge and it is still standing now.

    Angus :)

  5. Hi from Tassie,

    My experience of living in Tasmania is the beautiful scenery and we have four seasons a year, some of the prettest places to visit are the East coast and the Northwest coast. We have the gordan river at Strahan and Freycinet on the East coast just two beautiful places to mention.

    From Kay. :)

  6. Hi,my name is mckenzie.

    I like to visit west edmoton mall because theY have a awsome water park.It is awsome because it has a wave pool and other fun things.I also went to a sea lion show and,GOT KISSED BY ONE!They also have a amusment park that has alout of scary rides.

  7. One of my favorite provinces in Canada is Alberta. I think it is intresting because it has lots of wildlife and it has the Rocky mountains. And I like wildlife and the Rocky mountains.

  8. Hi class,

    I am from the state of Vermont in the United States. My daughter’s class is following your blog.

    Our state is very beautiful. When people visit here we love to take them hiking in our mountains which are brilliant right now with red, orange and yellow autumn leaves. We also take them to see where Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is made and sample a little. You can’t leave Vermont without also trying pure maple syrup made from our maple trees.

    Tasmania sounds wonderful also. Maybe some day we will have the opportunity to visit. Keep up the great work!

  9. Hello Blogging Buddies,
    We learned quite a bit about your community. It sounds a lot like ours in the US (Vermont). We have a large lake (Lake Champlain), a large mountain (Mt. Mansfield), a corn maze right down the road from our school and we get snow in the winter. You are lucky to have Botanical Gardens. I bet they are beautiful.

    We just made a slide show of our school for the blogging challenge and would love for you to visit and tell us what you think.

    Mrs. Bonfigli’s Class

  10. Hi class and bloggers

    I know of lots of good places in Tasmania. Like Zoo Doo because of the animals and the safari bus because you can go up close to the animals and feed them. Port Arthur and Richmond. Richmond because of the bridge and all the shops and port Arthur because of the history and you can walk around in all the rooms and old jails.I also think the museum is a good because its good to visit and I learn something new every time.

    From Maddy

  11. Dear class and bloggers,

    We really love living in Tasmania and we think these are some places you should visit if you come and stay:

    The Bahai Centre of Learning because it has got a nice cafe, there is a room for children to play in and everyone is very friendly.

    Richmond because there is a maze which is really fun for all the family, they have a lolly shop and bakery which serves really nice food, and a pond where you can feed the ducks and look up at the convict bridge.

    Port Authur because it has very nice hotels, you can visit the convict prison and it is a fun place for all the family.

    Central Highlands because there is a really big lake for fishing, it snows in the winter and there is a nice restaurant.

    Wynyard because the houses and hotels are really cosy, it is very close to Burnie (a very nice place) and there is a nice pool and spa and heaps more.

    From Emily and Jessica :)

    • Hi Emily and Jessica

      That is a great list of places to visit. I was really pleased to see Burnie in your list as that is where I grew up. Did you know that there is a really great park in Burnie that has a small animal enclosure that you can visit? It also has a path that leads all the way to a small waterfall.

      I also think that Seahorse World
      at Beaconsfield is very interesting to visit.

      Another interesting place to visit is the Spiky Bridge. Do you know where it is? Maybe you could find it on Google Maps.

      Mrs S

  12. Hello Class and fellow bloggers,

    Some really cool Tourist attractions are Mt. Wellington because of it’s
    beautiful clean snow. Tasman Bridge because of it’s famous history. The city of Hobart because of it’s old , awesome and its fantastic museum.

    From ~~~Sabastian & Jordan

  13. Hello class

    these are places I recommend visitors to visit
    zoodoo , aquatic centre , goverment house, tasman bridge and ricmond gaol

    From Jacob

  14. Hello everyone, welcome.

    If you go to Tasmania these are the places to go if you like.

    Cradle Mountain because you can get great views and bush walks.
    Zoo Doo you can go in a bubble and see all the fasinating animals.
    MT Wellington to see all the birds and go on big and small bush walks.
    Anzac Park you can walk your dog if you have one. Or you can walk by your self. Coles Bay walk to Wineglass Bay. Bichino walk along the beach camp at bugles river. Swansea you get yummy lunches. Salmon ponds you get to feed the salmon and the trout. The White Beach tourists park you can camp walk along the beach fish, ride boats you even get to borrow a shack. Tasman Bridge you can walk over the bridge. Botanical gardens you can see all the plants and have picnics and buy plants and get icy poles too. Martime museum look at the boat in history. The museum.

    Thank you for reading from Harry p and Sam

  15. Hello everyone,

    Here are some places in Tasmania that I recommend you to visit if you ever come here. You could go to the Botanical Gardens where you can see lots of plants. You could have a walk across the Tasman Bridge, a bridge that once fell down. You could go to Mt Wellington our big mountain in winter to see the snow or other times to see the view. You could go to Zoo Doo and see lots of lovely animals. You could go to Launceston a very nice place. You could go down to the beach ( the water is cold ) and take a walk along there.

    From Amy

  16. Hi class and bloggers,
    Ben and I were thinking that these places are fantastic

    So here they are:

    The Tasman Bridge because it’s good to walk over it also has a good view of the mountain and the Derwent river and it’s better than swimming!!!!!!

    Blundstone Arena because you can see the footy and cricket live and they have amazing cricket nets.

    Aurora stadium because it is just as amazing if not more

    And last but not least Zoodoo which is an awesome zoo where you see some amazing animals including lions, Tigers,monkeys and much much more

    From Ben and Tom

  17. Hi class and bloggers

    Here is some good places when you come to Tasmania:
    You should go to Richmond It’s got the oldest bridge in Australia.
    There’s Mt Wellington it has a great view of Hobart city.
    You could go up north to Cradle Mountain near Devonport it is a great hike.
    And last but not least the Salamanca markets you can buy unique Tasmanian arts and have a nice lunch at Chooch.

    From Jacob and Zac.

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