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Our class has been reading the iconic poem about Australia called “My Country.” In particular focusing on the vivid imagery contained in the poem. The challenge for the students was to turn the words in the poem into colourful drawings. We loved this poem about our country. What is your favourite poem and why?

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  1. Hello fellow bloggers,

    This was an awesome poem to do. Mainly because it’s about Australia so it’s an Australian iconic poem. The poem is really descriptive and really describes Australia really well. This was a big step for our blog making a video and putting it on our blog (thanks to Mrs Smith). It’s a shame we have so few comments on this post because it’s one of our best!

    Anyway the pictures we did deferentially described the words of the poem.
    We did really well with the colours and the different feels of Australia like flooding rains and a sun burnt country. This is probably my favorite poem because of all the description. When I watched the poem I thought we talked a little bit to fast for the pictures,there was one stage were we were 3 pictures ahead but we caught back up.

    What was your favorite part of the poem?

    Regards Sabastian

  2. Hi Class and Bloggers
    I don’t know many poems but my favourite poem would probably have to be Waltzing Matilda because it is really iconic and it is really Australian and you know when you hear it. How many poems do you know?

    From Angus

  3. Dear Boys & Girls Down Under,

    I loved your poem and illustrations! When I was 8 years old, my uncle gave me a book of poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, called A Child’s Garden of Verses. I memorized several poems in that book (and still know them by heart,) but my favorite was “The Swing.” The words make me feel like I am flying in the air on a tree swing. Here is a link to that poem: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-swing/

    Your poem really clear pictures in my head, but I loved looking at the ones you drew. Do any of you like to write poems?

    I teach 5-8 year old gifted students in the USA. Maybe some afternoon, my students can come and visit your blog and leave you a message or two. I very much enjoyed looking around your blog. It was very impressive!

    A friend up north :-)
    Mrs. Koch

    • Hi Mrs Koch

      How about that, I was also given a copy of A Child’s Garden of Verses as a child. I still have it on one of my bookshelves.
      I loved looking through all the poems and the illustrations that accompanied them. One of my favourites was Windy Nights but I think that it was the illustrations that helped. They were very dark and helped to add to the imagery of the words.

      Have your students written any poems?

      Mrs S

  4. Hi everyone

    I don’t I know of many poems but I really like this one.I think the description is really nice. When I was in grade two we wrote poems and this year it was fun doing a couple of different types of poems. They are really fun to read and write and its fun to when you have to write them about a particular thing because you really have to think about it.

    Kind Regards Maddy

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