Lilydale’s Halloween Fair

On Thursday the 31st Of October 2013
Lilydale District school held their Halloween Fair.
Lilydale’s Halloween fair only comes around every three years, and this one was one to remember.
With rides for five dollars and loads of food and entertainment, this was a fair worth to die for!
I went as a fierce devil, but once I stepped a foot into the 7/8‘s haunted house they set up I have to admit, I was starting to get freaked out. My class was in charge of the ice cream van, and did we get some business! This was a scary dress fair, mainly based around the fact that it was Halloween!
The K-4 children were got into the dressing up part of the fair very well! With witches, animals and much more. The high schoolers and middle school sectors were also dressed up to perfection but not taking it as serious. Overall it was a fun experience, where everyone got to venture throughout what the school classes presented. I can’t wait until the next Lilydale District school Halloween fair in 2016!

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