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Lilydale has a new canteen manager this year and the canteen has been given a Bronze award for healthy food. We decided to find out what’s going on in the canteen and ask a few questions of Mrs Blair and this is how the interview went.

Q: What would you rate the canteen health wise?
A: 5, mostly because of the pastry items.                               

Q: What would you like to take off the menu to improve the rating?
A: I think we should take off the pastry items and nuggets.

Q: How long have you been working in the school canteen?
A: I’ve been working in the canteen since October last year, almost a year!

Q: What is the best-selling food product in the canteen and why do you think so?
A: Chips and jellybeans because there isn’t many options on the sweets list.

Q: How many products are on the menu?
A: 35

Q: How many specials are on the menu each week?
A: One a day. The options are chicken and vegetable pasta bake on Mondays, Pizzas on Tuesdays, Baked spuds on Wednesday, hot dogs on Thursday and burger day on Friday.

Q: Do you get any donations from outside of school? If so, where from?
A: People donate fruit from their gardens if they have too much.

Q: How many people are helping out in the canteen?
A: Not many! One person a day, twenty people on the books and ten people are working here.

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2 thoughts on “Lilydale’s canteen

  1. I think that is great that Mrs Blair is trying to make our school canteen as healthy for us as she can. I think if they take off the pastries they need to find another hot food for the menu.

  2. Everyone in the school loves a sweet treat once in a while! (Especially me :D)
    Mrs Blair has tried her hardest to make Lilydale District School a healthy school and we all appreciate it! Hot foods are one of the favourites on cold days and the same with the hot milos that she serves!(And they taste just like a home made milo!) Although there are some foods such as the jelly, chips, hasbrowns and jelly beans it keeps the school happy and the parents happy.

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