Tournament of Minds

Tournament of the Minds will be run on the 14th of September at the University in Launceston. Lilydale has a primary and secondary team entered in the Social Science section. They have had six weeks to solve the problem write the script and practise their act. They also have 1 spontaneous challenge that they will be given on the day.
The winning teams get to go to Canberra for another competition we all wish Lilydale great luck.
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3 thoughts on “Tournament of Minds

  1. The Tournament of Minds was held last Saturday and was amazing!
    I was one of six people representing Lilydale District School’s primary division.
    We watched other groups perform, explored UTAS and performed ourselves.
    We all loved how we worked together with our long term challenge and spontaneous as well.
    We were waiting in the courtyard ready for our spontaneous for 25 minutes!!!
    It was scheduled for 11:40am but we came out at 12:10am!
    Sadly I couldn’t stay for the whole day, I WISH I did because the rest got ice cream!
    Okay, it’s not about that but… still.
    Unfortunately we didn’t win our chosen category or get any honours but that’s alright because we survived the whole six weeks. We didn’t think it would be all fun and games but it was AMAZING. We thought we worked amazingly well, and we did.

  2. What a fantastic day this was – Lildyale’s Primary and Secondary teams did themselves proud with fine performances and great team spirit. It was a pleasure to be there as the Primary facilitator and a great learning curve for all of us. We did enjoy watching performances from the different subject areas – maths, applied technology and literacy – as it broadened our understanding of the possibilities beyond the social sciences. Lots of learning and good ideas to build on for 2014!

  3. I want to congratulate the members of both our teams who participated last Saturday. I was very proud of you and thought you did a great job! I enjoyed reading Tanna’s comments because I think there’s so much more to activities like Tournament of Minds than just the day itself, especially the fun and learning and friendships that develop along the way.

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