Book Week Results

 At our school the students voted for their favourite Books. They placed stars on a large chart to record their votes.

 The picture book winners are: 1st the Terrible Suitcase, 2ND Too Many Elephants in This House. The nonfiction winners are: 1st Tom the Outback Mailman 2nd Python.

 All the books were outstanding but some books were a little bit better. All the winners definitely deserved to win. It must have been a very tough choice picking the winners.


One thought on “Book Week Results

  1. Students love the voting chart – they each get two stars – a gold one for their favourite and a coloured star for their second pick. This year the children voted for the same Early Chidldhood books that the Children’s Book Council judges chose. In the past they have voted for different books. Happy reading – all those great books can now be borrowed :-)

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