Our class has been doing a swimming and water safety program over the last two weeks.  It has been lots of fun.
What do you like about swimming and what has been a highlight for you?  Ask a question for someone else to answer.


20 thoughts on “SWIMMING

  1. Hi 4lb
    My highlight is that we get to swim for two weeks. My favourite stroke is free style or breast stroke because I’m good at them. My question is what is your favourite stroke and why?
    From Kai

  2. Hi 4lb
    My favourite part of swimming so far was the whirl pool. My favourite stroke is freestyle because it is the fastest I can swim and it is really easy for me to do. Does anyone else like freestyle?
    By Caleb

  3. Hi 4lb My highlight was going in the water to do some new swimming activities and having fun. I learnt how to do frog kick. We went in a boat but we had to put on PFDs but we didn’t sink the boat.
    Now here’s my question what is your best stroke in swimming and why do you like it?
    By Mikayla

  4. Hey 4lb
    Swimming is epic and I reckon the highlights are: making the whirlpool and going in the boat! I really liked jumping in while holding my life jacket and holding my nose.
    If you could do any activity in swimming what would it be?
    From Jayson 

  5. Hi 4LB,
    My highlight was making a whirl pool because it was fun try to run a gestate it. All that happened when you did it you went backwards. Did anyone else like the whirl pool?
    From Addison.

  6. Hi 4lb
    My highlight was diving in to the pool. And we learnt what to do in a whirl pool. We have 2 weeks of swimming it was tiering work. What is your favourite? Daniel

  7. Hi 4LB
    My highlight for swimming was free style and backstroke because it taught me to take more time with my swimming. We learnt how to do side stroke it was amazing. My question for you is what is your favourite stroke? And why.
    By Taylah. :)

  8. Hi, 4lb
    One of my highlight was doing under arm and that is extremely fun. Another highlight was doing back stroke and that’s tough. My favourite highlight is diving and dolphin and there a little similar. My last highlight is the world pool that is also really, extremely fun. Because you run forward then lay back and you start swirling with the water then run again then run backwards and it is really hard to run.
    Have you done any of those swimming lessons?
    By Violet Aliano

  9. Hi class
    In swimming I have been doing a lot of strokes like free style breath stroke dolphin kick. And last Friday we went in the boat and we got to rock and it was fun and we played some games and we made a well pool.

    From Jayden

  10. Hi 4LB
    I liked doing the boat safety I learnt a lot like how to keep people warm when they are cold. I also learnt how to do my breast stroke better and when to breath. Who else liked doing the boat safety?
    By Adam

  11. Hi 4lb
    In swimming my highlight is to do dolphin diving. Does any people know how to keep there eyes open under the water I can do it? Swimming is fun like when we made a whirl pool.
    By Tommy

  12. Hi 4LB,
    At swimming my few highlights are…
    When we did hand stands in the shallow water I learnt an easier way to do them!! Also we made a huge whirl pool!! It was funny when we were diving I jumped in and accidentally belly flopped into the water from an enormously high fall!!! Can any of you do actual proper dives? “Unlike me.” by Pheibi.

  13. Hi 4lb
    Well I like the boat safety because it was fun. And I learnt that you neat an adult with you all the time. I also learnt that you need to keep people warm when something happened with your boat. What do you know about boat safety?

  14. Hi 4LB,
    My favourite thing was when we did the 5min safety test. I also loved doing survival backstroke because I love gliding through the water because I feel like a dolphin. But I got scared on the boat because Mrs Cameron was tipping the boat while we were in it. What did you do on the boat?
    Thanks. 

  15. Hi 4lb
    A highlight from my swimming is that we got to go in the boat our teacher told us how to get in and how to get out safely and he told us if we have too many people the boat well tip over. Have you been in the boat yet?
    From Brodey

  16. Hello 4LB,
    My highlight with the swimming safety program was making the whirlpool. It helped me learn to back float in a current and teach me to be safe at the beach and at the pool. We saw a few people swim against the current then with it. What was your highlight at the swimming program?
    From Kate.

  17. Hi 4lb
    I have learnt a lot of things so far. My favourite thing is how to help someone if they are drowning and I learnt survival stroke.
    Do you know how to save someone if they are drowning?
    by Louis

  18. Dear 4lb
    My highlight of the swimming program was when I did the whirlpool because I made a current for the first time. Is anyone else highlight of the swimming program the whirlpool? From Madeline

  19. Dear miss b.
    A highlight of swimming was when we had to do diving of the diving platforms.

    Another highlight was when we went in the boat and nearly tipped it over.
    Was diving of the platforms one of your highlights???

    BY Max

  20. Howdy 4lb,
    I do go to your school and I have been doing the Swimming Program , but because i’m older I do different activities to you. MY best highlight is diving and butterfly.
    The reason I like butterfly is because before this program I didn’t know how to do this stroke and now i’m a legend at it.
    The reason I like diving is pretty much the same reason as Butterfly, because I COULD dive, but I wasn’t fantastic at it and now i’m awesome at it
    Bye for now!
    Can you dive or do the Butterfly stroke?

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