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Our class have been talking about WORDS and how amazing they are.
One WORD can mean so many different things.  My challenge word for you is LOOM.  Does it mean more than one thing? Can you use it when you are talking to someone.
We are also going to look at IDIOMS. What does “Heart of gold” or “It’s raining cats and dogs” really mean?
Play the games on the website http://www.vocabulary.co.il/idioms/

Share WORDS and IDIOMS that you discover with us……


22 thoughts on “Words Words Words

  1. Hi Class
    Did you know that a basket case means your a crazy man, I know one meaning for loom it means something is wandering around randomly.
    by Cameron

  2. Hello 4lb
    My idiom is bull in china shop
    It Is when someone who is very clumsy
    A loom is a thing what you can make loom bracelets.

  3. Hi 4lb

    My idiom is
    Your bed room is a pig sty.
    This Mean dirty.
    What are yours bye. Loom is the loom board with the loom bands.

  4. Hi class!
    My idiom is:
    Cat got your tongue?
    Your guilty about something so you won’t talk
    P.S a loom can be something used to make wool clothes1!
    Bye guys!

  5. Hi 4LB
    My Idiom is
    Chip off the old block
    Means when you’re like your mother or father.
    I think I know what LOOM means : I think it means over.
    From Monique :)

    • Hi Miss B
      I have looked up The word LOOM and found three meanings
      1. It means you can see something really BIG
      2. you think something is very overpowering
      3. you think something big is about to happen
      The Eureka Building loomed over the city.
      Thanks (:

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